A Killer NecklaceBecki Green peered out her apartment window and gazed down on Main Street. Gina would probably pull her new Camaro into a parking slot right in front of Becki and half-sister Anne’s design shop below.

Expect heads to turn, Becki thought. Shiny red sports cars are not the norm in this town.

Those same heads would spin like tops once Gina stepped out of her car.

Gina wasn’t quite tall enough and maybe a bit too curvy to have worked the runways of the major designers but that didn’t stop her from wearing their clothes with a great deal of panache.

Becki turned from her window and headed to the kitchen to set the round table in the dining nook for afternoon tea. It would be just the two of them. Gina would need time to unwind from the long drive. Plus it would be fun to catch up on each other’s lives before Karl got home.

Becki carefully laid out a couple April Cornell cotton floral napkins, two vintage teacups and saucers, a gleaming silver teapot and an English three-tiered cake stand that she would soon fill to overflowing with an assortment of homemade scones, delicate tea sandwiches and pastry cream tarts topped with fresh fruit.

She heard a car door slam.

She rushed back to the window and saw a woman directly below with chestnut hair. Had Gina parked in the back? Was that her about to open the door on the street and come tripping up the stairs? From this extreme angle, it was hard to see much more than the top of a head.

No, the woman continued to walk up the Interlock sidewalk until she was out of sight. Imposter Gina.

Becki, enough of this fidgeting! Gina will get here when she gets here. Why are you so anxious? People your age are supposed to remain calm, cool and collected.

She forced herself to sit on her own couch.

Without wanting to, she wondered if she should have chosen a more in-your-face yellow than Buttercream for the living room walls. She adjusted one of the stems in the vase of multi-coloured tulips on the coffee table.

Rap, tap, tap.

Becki jumped to her feet. She flung open her solid wood panel door and there stood her lovely ‘niece.’

“Hi Gina!” A huge smile burst onto Becki’s face. “How are you? Come in! Come in! How was your trip?” She opened her arms.

“I’m good. So nice to see you!” Gina hugged her back.

When they pulled apart, Becki said, “The kettle has boiled once already. I’ll plug it in to reheat and we’ll have some tea. You must be starving. Did you eat anything on the way up? So much to talk about with your wedding only three weeks away!”

You can read more about Becki and Gina in A Killer Necklace, the second book in the “Fashionation with Mystery” series, published by Imajin Books.

About A Killer Necklace

Who is the dead woman at the bottom of the stairs?

When Weather Network star Gina Monroe arrives in Black Currant Bay for her wedding shower, all is bliss. But happiness turns to horror when Gina and close friend Becki find the hostess with her head bashed in.

Strange things come to light when Gina and Becki are asked to sort through the dead woman’s belongings. Just who was this woman? And why did frumpy Louisa have a closet full of vintage couturier clothes?

As the investigation continues, the danger increases. Arson reveals the hiding place of a fabulous sapphire necklace, which leads to more questions and ramps up the risk for Gina and Becki. A killer is determined to keep the identity of the dead woman a secret—even if it means killing again.

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About the authors
Melodie Campbell – The Toronto Sun called Melodie Canada’s “Queen of Comedy.” Library Digest compared her to Janet Evanovich. Winner of 9 awards, including the Derringer (US) and the Arthur Ellis (Canada) for The Goddaughter’s Revenge, Melodie Campbell has over 100 comedy credits, 40 short stories, and nine novels. She is the Executive Director of Crime Writers of Canada.

Cynthia St-Pierre – In marketing Cynthia wrote promotional, packaging and communications materials; penned articles for business periodicals; and a chapter of How to Successfully Do Business in Canada. A member of Crime Writers of Canada, she has one award for fiction and has been a writing contest judge. Best of all for a mystery writer, Cynthia has received a York Regional Police Citizens Awareness Program certificate, presented and signed by Julian Fantino, former Commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police.

You can find Melodie and Cynthia at fashionationwithmystery.com or follow them at @MelodieCampbell and @stpierrecynthia.

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