A Murder in MohairMy dogs just stared at me again with those sad faces when I left the house today. It really gets me, but I plugged on. I usually walk them into town every morning, but this summer I’ve been riding my bike. An old clunker I picked up at yard sale, but it takes me where I need go. The Black Sheep Knitting Shop, mainly. The perfect pit stop on a hot day. I cool off and hang out with Maggie and my knitting pals. I even bring my knitting projects in a little bag on the back of the bike seat. Maggie is happy to fix my stitching glitches and get me up to speed on all the juicy gossip, too.

There’s a lot to chat about today. Police cars are parked across Main Street, in front of the Plum Harbor Movie Theater. The body of the theater owner, Jimmy Hubbard was just discovered there. Who would want to hurt Jimmy? A quiet man, he was so friendly and pleasant to everyone.

Our friend, Edie Steiber, who owns the Schooner Diner, says it was probably a robbery gone bad, though the police don’t know for sure yet. Edie is shaken by Jimmy’s murder, but even more distracted today by her own troubles. Edie’s niece has been visiting a psychic several times a week and paying the fortune teller loads of money. The psychic, Cassandra Waters, claims she can channel messages from loved ones who have passed on, and Edie’s niece lost her teenage son about two years ago. Edie is sure the psychic is a fraud and a cheat, taking advantage of her poor, grieving niece. But she has no way to prove it. . .or stop it.

I don’t know how it happened exactly, but before you could say “Ouji board” Maggie agreed to help Edie debunk the phony fortune teller. In fact, Maggie offered the help of our whole knitting group. Once Suzanne and Dana heard about it, they were totally up for the plan. We’d invite Cassandra to give a group reading in the knitting shop on the night that we usually have our meeting. Knitting and chatting go perfectly. Why not knitting and talking to spirits? Everyone thought it would be a lot of fun. (Except for Phoebe, who has such an active imagination and doesn’t want to stir up any restless spirits.)

Right after I got home and just before I started working, I called Cassandra for an appointment. She sounded smooth as a strand of silk and cashmere blend yarn on the phone. What else would you expect? Of course, I started to wonder what the psychic will say about my life once she looks at her cards. Especially in the romance department. Matt and I have been living together for over a year now. We’re absolutely and incandescently happy. But we’ve never had “the conversation” about our future – the one all my friends say I have to spring on him because a guy will never bring it up on his own. I keep imagining that Matt will surprise me with a ring in some cute, clever way. Inside an ice cream sundae or maybe even a ball of yarn? My friends say, “Dream on, Lucy. Real life never happens the way it does on the movies.” Should I ask Cassandra what to do, or is that just too embarrassing?

Cassandra must hear a lot of embarrassing questions. Questions that are even more secret and sensitive than mine – a dangerous way to make a living, I’d say. Maybe I’ll skip that topic. I’m still eager to meet and unmask her. And as the saying goes, “You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time.” But I do believe that this time, Cassandra Waters will find she just cannot fool The Black Sheep knitting gang.

You can read more about Lucy and her friends in A Murder in Mohair, the eighth book in the “Black Sheep Knitting” mystery series, published by Simon and Schuster/Gallery Books. The first book in the series is While My Pretty One Knits.

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About the author
Anne Canadeo lives and knits in Northport, New York, with her husband, daughter, and canine office assistant. She is the author of the Black Sheep Knitting mystery series, and writing as Katherine Spencer, she has also authored the popular Cape Light and Angel Island series. You can Anne on Facebook.

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