In For A PennyLillian Summer Fairview, why do you keep coming to Gabriel’s Acres every week to visit that husband of yours?

More than once I’d been tempted to stab a losing scratcher lottery ticket over that pointy finial rising nearly hip high from the top of Harlan’s headstone just to give him the what-for after all he’d done. But for all his faults and this helluva mess he landed me in, Harlan had his good points, and deep down I still love that old fool.

I grew up here in the town of Summer Shoals at Summer Haven, the beautiful Georgian manor up the road. It’s the grandest place around. Daddy’s daddy built it, and the rest of the town to boot. Ah, the Summers—we were the wealthiest family in Summer Shoals. Those were the days.

You see, that dear husband of mine darn near squandered my family’s entire fortune before he died. Too bad it wasn’t until after he passed that I found out. Yep, bags and bags of losing scratcher tickets filled our attic and the carriage house, and the savings accounts were as empty as the offering plate after it passes by Deacon Jones. Lordy goodness, what a surprise that was.

And now I have to waste another tissue to wipe away that spider web stretching between the A in Harlan across the Y in Wayne to the R in Fairview on my dear husband’s headstone. As far as I know, no one’s realized that I planted Harlan’s sorry butt just beyond the perimeter. A tiny seed of guilt still tickles my insides for doing it, but it’s not like I had a choice. Yes, tradition dictated that my husband should be laid to rest in the family plot. But even dead, Daddy would have killed Harlan for his irresponsible actions, and I’d have been forced to find a way to keep the ghosts calm.

But things are going better these days. I’ve got some friends staying with me at Summer Haven. You really should come visit. I’ll introduce you to my dearest friend from the college days, Maggie Rawls. She’s handy as a girl can be. I swear she can fix just about anything with duct tape and a screwdriver. Then there’s Serendipity Johnson. Now, she’s a might different. In fact, it was just by chance we even met. You see, Sheriff Teague Castro was going to be forced to give that poor gal a ticket for boondocking down at the Wal-Mart if she didn’t move on, but she didn’t have anywhere to go. That’s how she ended up at Summer Haven. She’s a California girl who looks kind of like Bo Derek, if you remember her. And then there’s Abby Ruth Cady. She’s from Texas and her attitude is about as big as the Rio Grande. Anyway, the four of us are trying to keep ol’ Summer Haven afloat, and keep a secret, too. Try doing that in a town small as this!

Why don’t you stop on by Summer Haven later? I’ll get Maggie to whip up a batch of her “special” tea, and we’ll fill you in on what’s been going on around here. I have a feeling you’ll want to stay a while.

Read more about Lil, Maggie, Abby Ruth and Serendipity in the “Granny” Series. Co-written by bestselling authors Nancy Naigle and Kelsey Browning, these humorous novels combine the feel-good topics of women’s fiction with the twists of a cozy mystery.

The characters are quirky and heart-warming, and the Georgia setting provides a charming background for all sorts of adventures as the grannies find themselves in one hot mess after another. This series will appeal to those who believe life doesn’t end when you hit a certain age, but only gets better.

The books in the series are In For A Penny, Fit To Be Tied, In High Cotton, and coming May 2016 Under The Gun.
Granny Series
Honey, these are not your momma’s grannies. These gals are more like Dirty Harry. . .only over 50, female and from the south.

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About In For A Penny

Honey, these are not your momma’s grannies. . .

When Lillian Summer Fairview’s husband up and dies on her, it leaves the last living member of the most prestigious family in Summer Shoals, Georgia, in a hot mess. While Lil was busy being a proper Southern lady, Harlan squandered dang near the whole family fortune on lottery tickets. To keep her financial skeletons in the closet and give him a decent burial, Lil made a deal that has now landed her in prison.

Desperate to keep her troubles a secret and the family estate from falling down while she pays her debt to society, Lil entrusts Summer Haven’s care to her best friend, Maggie, who recruits two more over-fifty ladies to live at Summer Haven and help keep it afloat.

But when Maggie discovers that Lil’s restitution is ten times the amount she “borrowed” from the federal government, she’s convinced Lil has taken the fall for someone else’s crime. And these gals will use every trick in their little-old-lady bags to prove it.

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Meet the author
Nancy Naigle writes love stories from the crossroad of small town and suspense. Born and raised in Virginia Beach, Nancy now calls North Carolina home. She’s currently at work on the next book in The Granny Series, and a new women’s fiction novel. Stay in touch with Nancy on Facebook, Twitter at @nancynaigle or subscribe to her newsletter on her website ~

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