Teased To DeathHi friends! It’s me again. I know I’ve been away for awhile, but I’m back now. I’m back in town and ready to rock & roll!

In case you’re not from around here, let me introduce myself. My name is Misty. Misty Newman, to be exact. I was born and raised in Little Lake, Minnesota, which is just as small as it sounds. I loved it, though. I loved my family, my friends – especially Donna, a pint-sized blondie who got me in and out of trouble growing up. Lots of trouble.

But that was a long time ago, back in high school. Now, she’s got five kids, a mom-van, and a hottie husband who doubles as one of the town firemen. As for me? Well, I don’t have five kids, let’s put it that way. I still consider Froot Loops a food group, and I take my coffee with more cream than caffeine. I’m working on becoming an adult, but sometimes it’s a slow-moving business.

After high school, I moved out of Little Lake with the ink still wet on my diploma. I set my sights high; I was going to change the world. At least, that was the plan until a series of unfortunate events had me tumbling from grace, landing on the stages of Hollywood’s most famous burlesque club. A few years later, I tumbled right off that stage with a torn ACL, ending my dancing career.

Needing a change, I headed back to the Midwest, where I am now smack dab in the middle of opening my own dance studio, here in the City Center. But there’s a lot of resistance, and it’s hard work – turns out Little Lake isn’t a fan of burlesque. But that’s okay, change takes time, and I’m not going anywhere. I inherited my grandmother’s place, and I’m planning on renovating it, making it my own. I love that old house, with all of its dusty cobwebs and bright, airy rooms. It finally feels like I’ve come home.

Besides working on the house and getting my dance classes running, I’ve promised to be around more for my youngest sister. She’s only nine, but sometimes I think she’s smarter than me. She’s a killer at hide and seek and a guru when it comes to love advice. But she just got a BB gun, and I have a bad feeling the two of us might get into a few scrapes trying to figure out how to work the thing.

My point is this: Between the house, the sister, and the studio – I’m back in Minnesota to stay, whether I like it or not.

But what I don’t like is finding bodies just outside of my new dance studio. Dead bodies, to be clear. Strangled with my fishnet stockings. And when my ex-almost-fiance – a former bad boy turned beloved town cop – starts asking questions that I can’t answer, I’m forced to get involved. It’s just lucky that I’ve got the best sidekick in town, thanks to Donna. Together we’ll be able to figure out who wanted Anthony Jenkins dead, and why they got me involved.

But in the meantime, you know what they say in Hollywood? There’s no bad press. And guess what? It’s true.

It turns out there’s nothing like a murder outside my studio to fill up a class roster. Anyway, it’s time for me to get going. I’ve got a class to teach, and a murder to solve. And then Donna invited me over for lasagna. I really don’t want to miss lasagna day.

You can read more about Misty in Teased to Death, the first book in the NEW “Misty Newman” humorous romantic mystery series, published by Gemma Halliday Publishing, October 2015.

It’s all fun and dance, until a body turns up.

When Misty Newman returned home to rural Minnesota, the residents of Little Lake were surprised—and not in a good way. Having skipped town ten years before with a scholarship in hand and the shiniest of futures, Misty took a nasty fall from grace when she dropped out of college to become a Hollywood burlesque dancer. Though she didn’t hope for a welcome home parade or an invitation to join the Monday night knitting club, Misty never expected to become the number one suspect in a murder case! However when her landlord is found strangled by her fishnet stockings, things don’t look good for Misty. To make matters worse, the town sheriff—Misty’s ex-almost-fiancé—happens to agree. All Misty wants is to fix up her grandmother’s cozy house, revive her struggling dance studio, and rekindle the old friendships she’s neglected…but if Misty doesn’t find out who’s responsible for the death soon, she may just be next on the killer’s list!

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Meet the author
Originally from St. Paul, Minnesota, Gina LaManna has also called Italy and Los Angeles home. At the moment she lives nine blocks from the beach and sometimes runs marathons. After studying numbers and equations in college, she realized multiple choice tests were “just not for her” and began writing books instead. She loves cappuccino foam and whipped cream and would subsist solely on sprinkles if possible. She has one imaginary dog. Visit Gina at her website and on Facebook.

Gina also writes the Mini Pie the Spy! books, under pen name, Libby LaManna, a children’s series featuring an over-enthusiastic little detective, similar in style to Junie B. Jones.

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