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I’m so glad Dru Ann told you to look me up when you came to San Francisco. I have the whole Saturday off – no special events at the Devor Museum, donor dinners, or proposals to write asking museum supporters for mega donations. I hope you wore trainers and dressed in layers since this is a typical Bay Area day, fog in the morning, especially here in the Pacific Heights neighborhood of the city, and sun in the afternoon.

Let’s head to Marin County. The fog’s so low over the Golden Gate Bridge that it looks like whipped cream pouring in under those tall International Orange-painted towers, doesn’t it? The view along Bridgeway Boulevard in Sausalito is gorgeous – see the Bay Bridge, Berkeley, San Francisco, and Alcatraz? Espresso and croissants outside at Poggio’s and then we’ll drive out to Rodeo Beach and walk off the calories while we sniff Pacific Ocean breezes.

I know you want to take another selfie with the cliffs behind you, but we need to get going if we’re going to take the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge across to Berkeley. I wasn’t sure where to have lunch. Betty’s Oceanview Diner on Fourth Street is a tradition and we could do some serious clothes shopping (me for the size 10 corner of my closet, which I have named Hopeful), but I thought it might be fun to eat at one of the many ethnic spots near the University of California Berkeley campus. Falafal, pizza, croque monsieur, Ethiopian stew, Balinese nasi goring, Korean barbeque, vegan, Pakistani – with 37,000 students, there’s something good to eat on every block! If we’re lucky, the 100-year old Campanile tower will chime while we’re here.

It’s getting warm. I’ll bet you’re glad you did the dressing in layers thing. I was in New England last spring. Don’t get me started on how mixed up with murder I got, but the weather there is so much more consistent and, on balance, I’m glad I went even if I did get kidnapped at one point.

I lied – I have one small work task. There’s an exhibition of California artists at the Oakland Museum that I promised the Devor’s director I’d peek at. You remember Teeni, my office assistant, and Cal Ph.D. candidate? Her doctoral project is a Funk Art show we’re doing at the Devor soon and we’ll be borrowing a few pieces from the Museum’s collection for it.

Sorry to keep pushing, but we have to get back to San Francisco. We’re going in a circle across three bridges. No baseball game today at the new stadium just south of the Bay Bridge. If there were, there would be a flotilla of little boats out here, with fans hoping to catch home runs that get hit out of the park and into the Bay.

We’re going back to change at my condo, a block or so from the Broadway mansion where a particularly nasty man used to live until I figured out what a creep he was, and what to do about it. Charlie Sugerman and Dickie – you remember him, my ex-husband and actually a pretty nice guy as long as you’re not married to him? – are meeting us at one of San Francisco’s hottest Asian fusion restaurants, The Slanted Door, in this trendy indoor market hall at the Ferry Building. Charlie swears he’s off duty as a homicide cop tonight. I would have had Dickie pick us up, but he only drives Porsches and Ferraris – two-seaters. Better bring that jacket. The fog has already started to roll in and the breeze is picking up now that the sun has set.

I hope you’re not tired. We may decide to take a walk along the Embarcadero after dinner. And there’s North Beach, and Chinatown, and we haven’t even talked about the Starlight Room at the Drake Hotel, where they make great appletinis.

I’m so glad you could spend a day with me. Kiss kiss – see you next time you’re in town!

Mixed Up With Murder is the third book in the “Dani O’Rourke” mystery series, published by Reputation Books, February 2016.

The third book in the thrilling Danielle O’Rourke mystery series brings fans once again into the elegant and exciting world of Devor Museum’s chief fundraiser.

Dani is flying east for what should be an easy and interesting diversion, a short consulting assignment to help a small New England college with a plentiful gift of money and art from an alum. But the donation comes with some strange terms, and she soon learns the donor is a powerful man hiding some alarming secrets. When the college’s vice president drowns on a golf course, Dani finds herself in the center of a dangerous plot and, is once again, mixed up with murder.

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About the author
Susan C. Shea spent more than two decades accumulating story material before creating her best-selling susan sheamystery series featuring a professional fundraiser for a fictional museum in San Francisco: Murder In The Abstract, The King’s Jar, and Mixed Up With Murder (Feb. 2016). A new, three-volume set will be released in early 2016. Currently the secretary of the national Sisters in Crime board, she’s a member of Mystery Writers of America, and blogs on CriminalMinds. Visit Susan at www.susancshea.com
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