A Conversation with Trixie Matkowski by Christine Wenger

Silver Bullet
From The Desk Of Trixie Matkowski, Owner

It's A Wonderful Knife

Hello Everyone!

I’d like to tell you about my recent visit with my friend, Dru Ann. She asked me about my day as we sat in a booth in the back of my diner. It was the middle of January, and I was having a great day in spite of the blizzard raging outside. I always have a great day because I live in little Sandy Harbor where everyone knows everyone. Where else can I experience New York’s snow belt from a front row seat?

I’m here to tell you that the snow belt was alive and well and dumping snow as Dru Ann and I caught up on the comings and goings of our respective family and friends.

I told her about last Christmas and the fact that I was the Christmas pageant director at the Community Church after the original pageant director was found dead in the church’s kitchen. I had broken my leg falling down the stairs on Thanksgiving night, but luckily my friends and relatives helped me get through all my catering commitments along with my commitment to the Sandy Harbor jail, courtesy of Deputy Sheriff Ty Brisco.

As we looked out the window, Dru commented that the snow was falling so hard and thick, it seemed as though we were looking through a gauzy curtain. We could barely see the outline of my “Big House’, which is what I call my big farmhouse. I call it that not because it’s a correctional facility, but because it’s a big house! Even though Dru Ann lives in another part of New York State, she’s never experienced “real snow.”

Dru Ann was about to fly back home, and we were worried about the drive to the airport. However, in exchange for four cherry hand pies and a jumbo cup of coffee, Karen Melott, one of our two snowplow drivers, was going to drive Dru Ann to the regional airport in the town’s brand new Snowblaster Pro 567A, a hulking yellow plow and sand spreader that sounded like a jumbo jet.

Only in Sandy Harbor could you be driven to the airport with such class!

Dru Ann wondered about my lack of sleep. “Trixie, you seem so busy. Do you have enough help here?” I explained that my diner is open 24/7/365, and I’m the chef on the graveyard shift: midnight until eight in the morning. But during most of that week, I was working a double shift since Juanita, my day chef, went to Tucson, Arizona, to see her nephew’s new baby.

I always have events to plan, too. February, of course, is loaded with Valentine parties, and with this being a leap year-I have several Sadie Hawkins events scheduled. That’s when the ladies ask the guys out, and the residents of Sandy Harbor always love that. Dances, luncheons, bowling, blind dates-most all the clubs and organizations got into Sadie Hawkins invites and fundraisers-including church bingo!

I would be sponsoring an evening where the ladies ask the men out to dinner at the Silver Bullet, and the men have to wait on the women, eat with them, and then have to pay for the meals! All tips (and my profits) were going to the library for new books.

Karen came all too early with her snowplow to pick up Dru Ann, so we quickly hugged and vowed to keep in touch.

And now you-like Dru Ann-have been updated on the happenings in Sandy Harbor and a day in the life of Trixie Matkowski—me!

It’s nothing but work, work, work!

And I love every second of it!

Have a fabulous 2016!

~~ Trixie ~~

It’s A Wonderful Knife is the fifth book in the “Comfort Food” mystery series, published by Obsidian, February 2016.

All Trixie Matkowski wants for Christmas is a break—just not the broken leg she got after slipping on some ice. With Sandy Harbor alive in the hustle and bustle of the season, it’s the busiest time of the year at Trixie’s Silver Bullet Diner. There are millions of things to do, including cater the town’s annual Christmas pageant and community dinner with some delicious holiday comfort food.

But the festivities turn into a bit of a turkey after Liz Fellows, the director of the pageant, is found with Trixie’s butcher knife in her back. Now Trixie must help the police arrest the scary gentleman—or lady—guilty of the crime if she hopes to get herself off the naughty list.

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About the author
Christine Wenger is the national bestselling author of the Comfort Food Mysteries, including Macaroni and Freeze and Diners, Drive-ins, and Death. She has worked in the criminal justice field and is thrilled to bring the beauty of upstate New York to life in this series. Visit Christine at christinewenger.com, and on Facebook.

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