Poll: What genre do you read?

20 responses to “Poll: What genre do you read?



  2. Interesting how the replies are graduated in exactly the same order as the categories are listed.

  3. I enjoy mysteries and some historical fiction.

  4. Kathy Gonzales

    Neat poll , I liked seeing the results !

  5. Cozy mysteries and paranormal mystery

  6. Why do you ask? Are you going to concentrate more on the poll favored categories?

    • It helps when I get requests from authors, what genres my readers enjoy. I know that it’s mostly mysteries.

  7. Pam Mitchell

    I read all genres except horror. Primarily I read mysteries and contemporary romances.

  8. Mysterys,romance,fic Y ion,non-fiction

  9. Cozy Mysteries especially ones with cats

  10. Historical romance & that should read fiction.

  11. Cozies, police procedurals, occasionally thrillers (if I like the characters) and true crime.

  12. Mysteries, suspense and historical but throw in a great YA written by a mystery writer I like or they like. Books keep me sane in this insane time.

  13. cozies, new fiction, suspense, historal westerns, what ever catches my eye

  14. very interesting, mystery wins….

  15. Marysue Rogers


  16. All kinds of mystery, thrillers and suspense – except gory, political or medical. YA if it rises to the level of the “Hunger Games.” Some narrative nonfiction if it’s an interesting animal related book – like the “Lions of Tsavo” or James Herriot’s “All Creatures Great and Small.” And romantic suspense – particularly with humor.

  17. I chose Other as while I do read mysteries I only read Cozies so noted that. Since mysteries also includes hard core ones.

  18. K like mysteries,suspense and thrillers. I’m just not big on blood and gore.
    Nancy G. West (for Aggie Mundeen.)

  19. Michelle Fidler

    Mostly mysteries (cozy and historical), some Y.A., and a little historical (Regency/Victorian) romance.