Murder at Redwood Cove by Janet Finsilver is first book in the New “Kelly Jackson” mystery series. Publisher: Lyrical Press, October 2015

Murder At Redwood CoveBed, breakfast. . .and a body!

If it weren’t for the fact that she’s replacing a dead man, Kelly Jackson would love her new job managing the Redwood Cove Bed and Breakfast on the coast of Northern California. But Bob Phillips did plunge off the cliff to his death. . .and Kelly’s starting to think it may not have been an accident. Bob’s retired friends—The “Silver Sentinels”—are also on the case, especially when Kelly is attacked. . .and another body turns up. Kelly has her hands full with overseeing the B&B’s annual Taste of Chocolate and Wine Festival, but she’s also closing in on the killer. . .who’s ready to send Kelly on her own permanent vacation. . .

What a wonderful book that quickly became a page turner. The author’s writing style attributed to an easy and enjoyable read that was very comfortable in tone. I enjoyed how the mystery played out keeping me glued to the pages and every pivotal scene involved one of more of the main characters in this evenly paced whodunit. There were plenty of suspects and the clues that were planted help to narrow the list with some surprising twists that enhanced the telling of this tale. I really like Kelly and what she brought to this finely crafted drama by making me feel like I’m part of the story as she traversed through the town to find a killer. Boasting a lovable cast of characters, engaging dialogue and backdrop of a B&B in a small town, I can’t wait to read the next book in this charming series.

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