My Musing ~ An Unhappy Medium by Dawn Eastman

An Unhappy Medium by Dawn Eastman is the fourth book in the “Family Fortune” mystery series. Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime, April 2016

An Unhappy MediumFormer cop and novice psychic Clyde Fortune finds herself in a race for justice when a Zombie Fun Run turns deadly. . .

All of Crystal Haven, Michigan, is psyching up to participate in a Zombie Fun Run organized by Clyde’s nephew Seth, but Clyde is fretful about the undead festivities. For one thing, her sister, Grace, has unexpectedly returned to town after fifteen years. For another, Clyde has the nagging feeling that something is about to go wrong. . .

When one of the zombie runners is found murdered and then Grace disappears, Clyde realizes her grim premonition is dead-on. Now, she and her police detective boyfriend Mac must find a ghoulish murderer before someone points the finger at Grace. And when a tangled web of family secrets and old grudges combines with a mysterious case of stolen diamonds, even someone as quick-witted as Clyde might not be able to outrun a killer. . .

In this fast-paced and action-packed drama, we find Clyde on a mission to solve the puzzling murder of an old acquaintance who’s visit happened to coincide with her sister’s visit. Are the two connected? In reading this delightfully charming tale, there are secrets and then more secrets and it’s the narrative by the author that created this engagingly and entertaining story where anything could happen and it did. The mystery was well done, keeping me intrigued throughout the telling of this tome. There were plenty of people who could have been involved, but it was those surprising twists that enhanced all that was going on. A new family dynamic is placed in Clyde and Mac’s trust and new understanding with her family and with a satisfying conclusion, I can’t wait to see what happens next and if the ensuing situation changes. The was one of the best and a great read in this terrific series.

5 responses to “My Musing ~ An Unhappy Medium by Dawn Eastman

  1. New series to start – absolutely love this cover!

  2. A new series to start – and I love this cover!

  3. I love this series. Happy to see a new one

  4. I’ve really got to start this series!

  5. I discovered this series a year ago and thoroughly enjoyed reading the first three books back to back to back. I’m sure the 4th installment will be just as enjoyable!