Framed to Death“You went to school with Faith Hunter. What do you have on her or Steve Davis? Better yet, both of them.” My editor’s eyes gleamed as she slid onto my desk. “Their names are being dropped everywhere around town.”

Faith Hunter. Faith Hunter. Faith Hunter. I was so sick of that name. All the big—newsworthy—events in Eden revolved around her.

“There’s nothing of interest about her,” I said.

“She’s dating Steve Davis, the cousin of the man she married who turned out to be a murderer. That’s not nothing. Become her BFF. Faith is a story. A huge one.”

“She wants to downplay that part of her life, and Steve Davis is mute on the subject of his cousin.”

“Talk to other family members. Make one of them confide in you.”

I shook my head. “Not a good plan. James Davis is a legal terror. If we get on his bad side, he’d sue and would end up owning this paper.” And with my luck, he’d hand ownership over to Faith and I’d have to answer to her for the rest of my career.

“What happened to you, Karen? Where’s your edge? Your fight? All I’m hearing are excuses of why you can’t. . .let me correct myself, won’t go after a story. One that will sell papers.”

“I haven’t lost anything. I’m trying to make sure we keep what we have. And I don’t think there’s any meaningful story there. Everyone knows about Faith’s past. It’s old news.”

“If you’re only planning on listing the facts, that’s true. But life is more than the what. Get into the whys, and how it happened. How did Faith win? She was conned into marrying a murderer, and now solves murders. She’s a great story.”

“I’m an investigative reporter. I don’t do human interest pieces.”

“If you don’t do something that increases our circulation, Karen, you won’t be writing anything here.” My boss stood so she could glare down at me.

Just what I wanted, giving Faith more attention. “The only interesting thing about her situation is how come the police allow her to interfere. What does she have on someone? Or is it because of her relationship with Steve, or someone else on the force, or possibly the fact her grandmother is dating Chief Moore.”

My editor grinned. “That’s the Karen I know. Small towns love a homegrown hero or villain. I don’t care which one give me.”

“This town will be talking soon.”

“Good. I want to hear everyone gossiping about Faith Hunter and the police.”

What would I have to do to get the town talking about Karen England? I didn’t want to write a story that was all about Faith. I wanted it about my reporting skills. My drive. My talent for digging out the truth.

And a story on Faith wouldn’t do that.

I closed my eyes and drew in cleansing breaths, searching my internal database for a story. There was nothing of interest in Eden, West Virginia—or nothing I could write about. I hadn’t lost my edge. The paper caged it up. My editor might have forgotten she vetoed my story about the designer drug rumored to have found its way to our teens, but I hadn’t.

That was what the town needed to talk about. If there was story to fight for, it was that one. I knew the drug was out there. So did other. There wasn’t any solid proof—yet. I’d find it. Even if it took me to where my feared.

Eden High School football team.

Framed To Death is the fourth book in the Faith Hunter Scrap This mystery series, published by Henery Press, April 2016.

Eden has turned into a hotspot of crime, and Faith finds herself smack dab in the middle of the flare-up. When a favor for a friend links Faith to the synthetic marijuana problem invading her town, no good deed goes unpunished becomes the title of her life. The town accuses the police of favoritism toward her, putting a strain between Faith and Ted, and a new officer is determined to prove Faith’s guilt.

When the criminal is outed, Faith’s relief is short-lived. A fire takes out the store—along with the suspected dealer—and she’s now number one on an officer’s suspect list. Faith sets out to prove her own innocence, and her digging sparks the truth to life. Instead of the truth setting the town free, Faith finds out it might destroy Eden, the friends she holds dear, and smother out her own life.

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About the author
Christina Freeburn served in the US Army JAG Corps and also worked as a paralegal, librarian, and church secretary. The Scrap This Mystery Series (Cropped to Death, Designed to Death, Embellished to Death and Framed to Death) brings together her love of mysteries, scrapbooking, and West Virginia. She’s working on future books in the Faith Hunter Scrap This mystery series published by Henery Press. Visit Christina at, @ChristinaFreeb1 and on Facebook

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