Darcy Merriweather and As You Wish by Heather Blake

Gone With The WitchIn the year since I’ve lived in the Enchanted Village and worked for As You Wish, a personal concierge service, I’ve had my fair share of strange requests. Like the time I had only a day to find a wombat piñata for a birthday party. I ended up having to put my papier-mâché skills to the test to complete that job. Then all heck broke loose when the birthday boy wished for a real wombat*, and what could I, as a witch who grants wishes, do but grant it? People are still talking about that incident.

Yes, I’ve seen—and done—some strange things.

But never have I been asked to go undercover. . .with my dog.

Until now.

There’s a pet pageant taking place in the Enchanted Village, and I was hired to keep an eye on the owner of a beautiful black ragamuffin cat. The woman was suspected of using sabotage during past pageants to ensure her cat won the grand prize, and the event’s director didn’t want another “accident” happening during this year’s pageant.

Keeping an eye on the woman seemed like an easy enough job for my schnoodle Missy (aka Miss Demeanor) and me, and that should have been my first warning. No job is ever easy. And this one wasn’t just challenging but deadly, too. The woman I’d been hired to watch was killed during the event!

My job should have ended there, but then pets started disappearing, and I quickly found myself looking for both a petnapper and a killer.

Villagers are still talking about this incident, too, but let’s just hope this is the last strange request I receive that turns deadly. . .

*No wombats were harmed in the making of this story.

Gone With the Witch is the sixth book in the Wishcraft mystery series, published by Berkley Prime Crime, May 2016.

The national bestselling author of Some Like It Witchy returns as wish-granting witch Darcy Merriweather is put to the test after murder takes first prize at a pet show. . .

Darcy and her dog Missy are determined to put their best foot forward at the Enchanted Village’s annual Pawsitively Enchanted pet contest. She’s happy to lend a hand when the show’s organizer hires Darcy to keep an eye on things among growing suspicions that someone is sabotaging the event. But Darcy’s quest for justice is thrown off the scent when her lead suspect is found dead at the competition.

As if a murder weren’t bad enough, someone begins snatching up prize-winning pets right from under their owners’ noses. Darcy is determined to protect the pampered participants at whatever cost. But she’ll have to work fast to sniff out the thief before she becomes the next victim of a killer determined to stop her dead in her tracks. . .

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About the author
Heather Blake (aka Heather Webber) is the author of more than twenty novels and has been twice nominated for an Agatha Award. She’s a total homebody who loves to be close to her family, read, watch reality TV (especially cooking competition shows), drink too much coffee, crochet, and bake cookies. Heather grew up in a suburb of Boston, but currently she lives in the Cincinnati area with her family. Connect with Heather at www.heatherblakebooks.com, on Facebook, and on Twitter: @booksbyheather.

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