A Day in the Life of Mari Arai by Naomi Hirahara

Sayonara SlamI don’t get my father. I really don’t get him. He rarely said two words to me growing up, which was hard for an only child like me.

But I still looked forward to him coming home, driving up in our narrow driveway in his beat-up gardening truck. It was green, but not a forest green. More like a green that emerges in something that so rusted over that there’s no help for it.

We are all living together in his house right now. Yup, a forty-something year old woman back in my childhood home. But rent here in L.A. is as high – well, maybe not as high as New York City where my husband, son and I used to live.

My dad, whose been a widower most of my adult life, is seeing someone right now. Close to eighty and it seems like he has more of a sex life than I do. I know that sounds gross. But now I’m the one who is waiting up for him.

I actually like his girlfriend. Genessee Howard. She’s black and Okinawan. You heard me right. She’s a good decade younger than him. A musicology professor specializing in Okinawan culture. What she sees in him, I’m not sure. I don’t think he knows himself.

I have to admit that I’ve been noticing a change in him. Maybe it started when he came to New York City to help me when we were having some problems. I catch him looking at me. Like really looking, as if he’s seeing me for the first time.

Trouble seems to follow my father, no matter, where he goes. My husband was promoted head greenskeeper at Dodger Stadium and a man dies in front of my father, right there on the field. And now he’s teamed up with this young Japanese journalist to find out what happened.

Who does my father think he is? A detective or something?

So here I am, up at midnight with a glass of wine. Waiting.

Sayonara Slam is the sixth book in the Mas Arai mystery series, now published by Prospect Park Books, April 2016.

At Dodger Stadium it’s Japan vs. Korea in the World Baseball Classic, but before the first pitch is thrown, Mas Arai finds himself in the middle of a murder. Mysteries layer atop mysteries in this sixth in the award-winning series featuring the most unlikely of sleuths, an aging, widowed, not-exactly-communicative gardener from Altadena, California.

Who is that unusual woman throwing knuckleball pitches to warm up the Japanese team? Who sent thugs to threaten Mas and accuse him of treason? And what were in the deleted files on the murdered sportswriter’s computer—and did they hold secrets that led to his death?

The more mysteries Mas uncovers, the deeper he gets drawn into a situation that soon grows dangerous—including the danger of losing the affection of the woman he might someday admit he loves.

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About the author
NaomiHNaomi Hirahara won an Edgar Award for Best Paperback Original for her third Mas Arai mystery, Snakeskin Shamisen. She also writes the Officer Ellie Rush bicycle cop series, published by Prospect Park Books. Her free monthly mystery serial, Death of an Origamist, is currently up at Discover Nikkei. It will end with the twelfth installment. For more information about Naomi, go to her website, www.naomihirahara.com.

About the author
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