A Premonition of MurderHi, everyone! Ali and Taylor Blake here from the Dream Club Mysteries. We’re lovin’ life in Savannah and wanted to give you a quick update on what’s been happening with our vintage candy store, Oldies But Goodies.

Ali: I think we should tell them about the café we added. Business is booming! In fact, we’re on our lunch break right now, and our lovely assistant, Dana, is handling the shop.

Taylor: Ali’s right. First things first. As you know we started out selling these wonderful retro candies that bring back memories and make everyone feel nostalgic.

Ali: And since we serve free iced tea and lemonade, we noticed that people were lingering to chat after they bought their candy. I started putting out a few shortbread cookies and everyone gobbled them up. The aisles were so crowded people could hardly get up to the cash register.

Taylor: So I came up with an idea. . .

Ali: Wait a minute. You mean, together we came up with an idea!

Taylor: Yes, of course. We both came up with the idea of adding a little café to the shop and serving soup, sandwiches and light lunches. The idea really took off.

Ali: And we added some cute little umbrella tables in the backyard. We even started a little take-out business and may cater some parties. Our Dream Club members are our beta-tasters and I love to try out all our new recipes on them.

Taylor: True. The Dream Club is stronger than ever and we’re still solving murders in Savannah. I was a bit of a skeptic at first, but I can’t argue with success.

Ali: If you’re wondering how it works, we meet once a week to talk about and analyze our dreams. A lot of time, we find clues in our dreams that help the Savannah PD solve real-life crimes. The clues might be in the form of images or visions. . .

Taylor: Or it could just be a coincidence. . .

Ali: You’re still a skeptic!

Taylor: Not completely. I think you’ve won me over. In any case, we’re all paying a lot more attention to our dreams since we started the club. And I think we’ve convinced Noah–]

Ali: That’s her hunky boyfriend who happens to be a private detective. . .

Taylor: We’ve convinced Noah that we really can help with murder investigations.

Ali: Things are hoppin’ in the shop, so I guess we better get back to work. Dana looks swamped.

Taylor: Be sure to check out A Premonition of Murder to see what happens when a Southern heiress has a vision of her death.

Ali: A vision that leads to murder!

Taylor: Thanks for stopping by. If you’re even in Savannah, be sure to visit Oldies But Goodies.

A Premonition of Murder is the third book in the Dream Club mystery series, published by Berkley Prime Crime, June 2016.

An elderly Southern heiress’s nightmare becomes a real case of murder in the latest Dream Club Mystery from the national bestselling author of Dream a Little Scream.

When Abigail Marchand, Savannah’s famously reclusive heiress, invites the Dream Club ladies to lunch at her Beaux Reeves mansion, Taylor and Ali hope for an invitation to join the distinguished Magnolia Society. But Abigail has a more pressing concern: a recent dream that seems to foretell her death.

Taylor reassures Abigail that there are many ways to interpret a dream, but at the next meeting of the Dream Club, their discussion is cut short by a call from Detective Sam Stiles. She’s at Abigail’s mansion, where the elderly woman appears to have been pushed to her death down a flight of stairs. Now Taylor, Ali, and the Dream Club need to catch a killer before someone else is laid to rest.

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About the author
Mary Kennedy is a licensed psychologist and the author of over 40 novels. She writes the Dream Club Mysteries and the Talk Radio Mysteries for Penguin-Random House and has a young adult series called The Hollywood Diaries. She lives with her husband and six neurotic cats. She has tried unsuccessfully to psychoanalyze both husband and cats but remains optimistic. You can visit her at www.marykennedy.net.

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