Tea Cups and CarnageI really like it when new businesses come into town. I’m trying to pawn off my role as business to business liaison off to a new victim, I mean, business owner. Usually, the new guys are too smart to jump into taking over. Not like I was when I moved here. I still think I have the word SUCKER tattooed in invisible ink on my forehead.

I’m Jill Gardner, owner of Coffee, Books, and More. I’d say owner and manager, but my Aunt Jackie has taken over the day to day management just so she can tell me what to do. She’s an expert in that subject.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my aunt, but sometimes, she’s a bit forceful, which is the reason I’m thinking about going back to school to learn the ins and outs of running a business.

I’m getting way off track here, whining about my life, when really, it’s pretty amazing. I own a business, I have a cool boyfriend, and I have lots of friends here in South Cove.

Speaking of South Cove, Kathi Corbin is opening a shop called Tea Hee. I’m not sure if it’s just sales or if she’s opening an actual tea shop in town. I’m hoping the business is just sales. I don’t know if I could keep everyone on at the shop if traffic slows down. If it does, maybe I’ll need to keep this council liaison position just to stay busy.

Kathi’s kind of secretive about her past, except for telling anyone and everyone that will listen about her running for Miss Texas back in the day. And then yesterday, according to Aunt Jackie, a girl came into the shop, looking for work. We think she’s Kathi’s sister, but according to the rumor mill, Kathi’s family is all gone.

We’re opening the food truck down at the beach this week. Thank goodness we hired Sadie’s kid, Nick, for the summer. Otherwise, I’d be working twelve hour shifts to keep the shop and the truck open. I’m happy we bought the truck, but staffing the thing tends to be a pain. Especially since Sasha and Greg seem to be having issues right now. But now Lille’s being weird about the whole thing.

It’s always something, right?

Anyway, that’s a worry for another day, as my aunt would say. Today, I need to get ready. Greg’s coming over for dinner and then we’re meeting friends at the winery. Atomic Power is the new band playing at the winery. I hope Darla keeps them around. They’re kind of good. Since she’s been having live bands, she’s packing them into the room and the patio even though it’s chilly outside, especially when the wind comes off the ocean.

I’ve got to get going. I’ll make sure to drink a beer for you. See you around South Cove!


Tea Cups and Carnage is the seventh book in the Tourist Trap mystery series, published by Lyrical Underground, June 2016.

The quaint coastal town of South Cove, California, is all abuzz about the opening of a new specialty shop, Tea Hee. But as Coffee, Books, and More owner Jill Gardner is about to find out, there’s nothing cozy about murder.

Shop owner Kathi Corbin says she came to South Cove to get away from her estranged family. But is she telling the truth? And did a sinister someone from her past follow her to South Cove? When a woman claiming to be Kathi’s sister starts making waves and a dead body is found in a local motel, Jill must step in to clear Kathi’s name–without getting herself in hot water.

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About the author
Lynn Cahoon is the author of the NYT and USA Today bestselling Tourist Trap cozy mystery series. LynnCGuidebook to Murder, book 1 of the series won the Reader’s Crown for Mystery Fiction in 2015. She’s also the author of the soon to be released, Cat Latimer series, with the first book, A Story To Kill, releasing in mass market paperback September 2016.She lives in a small town like the ones she loves to write about with her husband and two fur babies. Sign up for her newsletter at www.lynncahoon.com.

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