Sleuthing for A Living by Jennifer L. Hart is the first book in the NEW “Mackenzie and Mackenzie P.I.” humorous mystery series. Publisher: Gemma Halliday Publishing, June 2016

Sleuthing for a livingAs a young single parent, Mackenzie Elizabeth Taylor has struggled to provide for her teenage daughter. She finally catches a break when she inherits half of an apartment building in Boston from her uncle Al . . . along with his P.I. business. So what if she doesn’t know the first thing about investigation or if their hot-but-crabby downstairs tenant is a police detective who’s looking for any excuse to handcuff her? Her daughter, Mac the computer whiz, has her back. And these two girls don’t know the meaning of the word quit—not even when their first case takes an unexpected turn.

The man Mackenzie’s been hired to follow in a custody case seems to have upset more than just her client when she spies another person tailing him—a mysterious man Mackenzie would bet is up to no good. But when her mark suddenly winds up dead, and her first and only client is accused of his murder, Mackenzie vows to find the truth. Only one problem: she doesn’t know where to start. . .or when to draw the line. Who is the mysterious man she spotted tailing the victim? Is he the killer? Is she in over her head, or will she uncover the secrets someone killed to keep hidden? Mackenzie and Mackenzie are on the case, and the world of private investigation will never be the same.

What a fun book. Unemployed Mackenzie inherits a house from her uncle. At a lost as to where her life should be, she decides to follow in her uncle’s footstep by becoming a private investigator and that is where the fun begins in the humorous mystery. I love the comfortable tone and how easy it is to follow the story from chapter to chapter. I like how the mystery was set-up where the suspects were few and where each clue discovered kept me turning the pages as I had to know what happens next. We are introduced to an eclectic cast of characters that bring their own charm and idiosyncrasies that enhance the telling of this tale. The author did a great job in capturing the essence of this fresh and light story where family dynamics plays a part in the outcome of Mackenzie working her first case. This was a very enjoyable and laugh out loud read that was both engaging and entertaining and I can’t wait to see what escapades will face Mackenzie and her friends.

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