Marriage, Monsters-in-law, and MurderDaily Journal for Mrs. Clempton’s class, 4th grade:

My name is Livvy Avery. I’m nine years old and my teacher assigned us to write in our daily journal what we did during Spring Break. I just got back from a trip to a Georgia barrier island for my aunt’s wedding. Aunt Summer is my favorite aunt and being with her is always a blast so I knew her wedding would be fun. Mom got me a pretty dress because Aunt Summer picked me to be her flower girl and my brother Nathan had to have a suit because he was the ring bearer—(even though he wasn’t sure he wanted to be a ring bearer, mom and dad said he had to).

It started out great. We took a ferry to the island and the resort where we stayed was a mansion. (I’m not just saying that it was a nice place. It really was a mansion.) My mom read all the history to us. Some rich guy bought the whole island a long time ago and built this gigantic mansion for his house, but it’s not a house anymore. It’s a hotel, but it has all this great stuff. . .a beach, horseback riding, tennis, a pool, and there is even an old plantation ruin.

Everything was going great until someone decided they wanted to ruin the wedding and started playing all sorts of pranks. Then things turned really bad. Good thing we were there—Mom and I. That’s all I can say or I’ll spoil it for you. I’m a big reader and I hate it when someone gives away the ending, so I won’t do that. So that’s how I spent my Spring Break—on an island with a huge mansion and a not-so-nice person who tried to ruin everything. . .but didn’t. 🙂

(Mrs. Blakely says you can’t use smiley faces in compositions, but this is a daily journal so I think it’s okay.) 🙂

Marriage, Monsters-in-law, and Murder is the 9th book in the Elle Avery mystery series, published by Kensington, June 2016.

Ellie Avery is a professional organizer, not a diplomat. But by agreeing to help organize a family wedding, she’s basically signed on to prevent two mothers-in-law from killing each other. It comes as a complete surprise, then, when another member of the wedding party is the one who’s actually murdered . . .

Ellie’s sister-in-law, Summer, has planned a four-day destination wedding at a posh private resort on one of Georgia’s beautiful barrier islands, but it won’t be a vacation for Ellie. Summer has asked her to assist with the last-minute details, which includes keeping the peace between the groom’s mother and stepmother.

The ladies are a handful, but the real problems are the ones Ellie and Summer haven’t anticipated–like mysterious pranks directed toward the bride. When the best man shows up with the groom’s gorgeous if unstable ex-girlfriend, she seems like an obvious suspect for the practical jokes.

But when a suspicious death occurs, Ellie realizes there’s more going on than mean-spirited pranks. Is Summer the killer’s real target? And what could possibly be driving someone to murder? Ellie vows to get to the truth so the blushing bride can walk down the aisle without fearing she’ll never reach the altar . . .

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About the author
Sara Rosett, born and raised in Amarillo, Texas, is the wife of an Air Force pilot. She and her husband recently moved to Houston, Texas, with their two children and dog.

Sara is the author of the “Ellie Avery” series, about a military spouse who is constantly unpacking boxes and finding an occasional dead body. With the “On The Run” series, Sara branched out in a new direction, writing about some of her favorite international destinations with a healthy dose of mystery and a sprinkling of romance. Her latest cozy mystery series, the “Murder on Location” series, features a location scout whose life is complicated by murder and mayhem while searching the English countryside for stately homes for Jane Austen-inspired programs.

Please visit her website,, or connect with Sara on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Goodreads.

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