Nun But The Brave by Alice Loweecey is the third book in the “Giulia Driscoll” mystery series. Publisher: Henery Press, July 2016

Nun But The BraveGiulia Driscoll: Survival of the Fittest

Giulia Driscoll’s sister-in-law barges into Driscoll Investigations and promptly passes out from OD’ing on an unknown drug. Two OD’d teenagers are found dead in the park and behind a convenience store. DI’s new client insists her missing twin sister is not dead and enlists Giulia as the “Missing Person Whisperer.” Hooray for steady work?

The missing sister’s trail leads to married, pregnant, ex-nun Giulia’s first experience with online dating sites, to the delight of her husband and employees. Those dates lead her to local Doomsday Preppers. They grow their own everything, and that everything may be connected to the drugs, her sister-in-law, and the missing twin. These Preppers are about to learn the true meaning of doom.

This is one of my favorite series and I love this latest entry. I immediately became engrossed in all that was happening in this fast-paced and action-filled drama that quickly became a page turner. Skillfully written, this multi-plot tale kept me intrigued as I watched Giulia tackle her latest case with great aplomb. The author had a way with the verbiage and descriptive narration that awakened my curiosity as this tale took on a frenetic tempo with an intensifying course of action that was engagingly riveting. Snappy conversations and a foray into the unknown enhanced the telling of this story that created a wonderfully entertaining read as I look forward to more exciting exploits with Giulia and her friends.

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