Read to Death by Terrie Farley Moran is the third book in the Read ‘Em and Eat mystery series. Publisher: Penguin Random House, July 2016

Read to DeathAt their seaside Read ‘Em and Eat bookstore café, Sassy Cabot and Bridgy Mayfield offer fresh scones, great books, and excellent detective work. . .

With their book club season wrapping up with The Florida Life of Thomas Edison, Sassy and Bridgy decide to take their group on a day trip to the beautiful Edison and Ford Winter Estates. Hiring driver Oscar Frieland, who’s known for his colorful stories and love of the café’s Robert Frost fruit tartlets, the bibliophiles set off for a day of sunshine and history.

After a lovely excursion, the club returns to the café for lunch and a book discussion, but the group falls silent after Oscar is found dead in his van. The sheriff’s deputies have some questions of their own for the group, and if the ladies don’t find some answers soon, the next book they read might be from a prison library.

This was a well-crafted and fun read that captured my attention immediately and kept that hold until the final page was read. Loved the comfortable tone and how easily the chapters flowed from one to the other. The author’s verbiage is enticingly appealing, especially the interaction between Sage, Ophelia and Emelia. What a hoot. The mystery was finely-tune with the expert writing style of the author that kept me intrigued as I progressed through this multi-plot drama. I love the setting location and the characters are a friendly bunch that I love to visit whenever possible. This was a very enjoyable read and I can’t wait for the next adventures in this terrific series.

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