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This past week I went to another book launch at the Mysterious Bookshop. This one was for Wendy Corsi Staub’s new book, Blue Moon, coming out July 26. We were lucky to get a copy before it hits the stands. Wendy She talked about how she prep for the book and was very engaged with the audience. She also gave us a little insight into the third book in the trilogy.

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Coming up on dru’s book musings (7/25 – 7/30)
July 25: Liss MacCrimmon Ruskin by Kaitlyn Dunnett (Liss MacCrimmon)
July 26: Melanie Travis by Laurien Berenson (Melanie Travis)
July 27: Marshmallow McMurphy by Nancy Coco (Candy-Coated)
July 28: Callie Muller by D.E. Haggerty (Death by Cupcake)
July 29: Jenna Hart by Daryl Wood Gerber (Cookbook Nook)
July 30: Franki Amato by Traci Andrighetti (Franki Amato)

“A Most Curious Murder” by Elizabeth Kane Buzelli – Jeanie D.
“As Death Draws Near” by Anna Lee Huber – Christy M.
“The Quirky Quiz Show Caper” by Sally Carpenter – Jessica E.
“A Neighborly Killing” by Nancy Lynn Jarvis – Vida A.
“Read to Death” + cosmetic bag by Terrie Farley Moran – Beverly G.


2 responses to “WEEKLY UPDATE #30

  1. Beverly Guy

    Dearest Beautiful Dru Ann….you are super duper amazing…..I love how you send out emails with all of this awesome info all the time and all of your posts and blogs…..of course it is even more exciting for me like this time when I get to see my name for winning…you amaze me how you can accomplish so so much in your days to please all of us awesome fans of yours! You make it so much fun and exciting to read all you write about upcoming books and contests and everything else!!! You really are such a blessing to me and just wanted you to know how deeply I appreciate all that you do! I am so thrilled to be a part of such an awesome group of people who love cozies as much as I do!!! So thank you dear Dru Ann for ALL THAT YOU DO……YOU TOTALLY ROCK DRU ANN!!!! God bless you too!!!!