A Day in the Life of Alicia Shenkman by Diane Kelly

Death, Taxes, and a Satin GarterHi, everyone! I’m Alicia Shenkman, a CPA with Martin & McGee in Dallas, Texas. Most often I play the sidekick, roommate, and BFF to IRS Special Agent Tara Holloway, star of the funny Tara Holloway romantic mystery series. But I’m happy to say that I play a much bigger role in the latest release, Death, Taxes, and a Satin Garter. I’m getting married! And with Tara as my maid of honor, you know things are going to get crazy.

While I’ve been busy getting ready for my big day, Tara’s been helping me track down the perfect garter to wear at the event. She’s also been working a couple of big criminal tax fraud cases for the IRS. She’s going after Florence Cash, host of the Flo Cash Cash Flow Show on KCSH radio. Flo’s tax returns have raised some pretty big questions and, if I know Tara, she won’t stop until she gets some answers. She’s also going after a catfisher who’s been pursuing lonely women on the internet and ripping them off for thousands of dollars. Problem is, he’s an elusive type, and tracking him down is proving to be quite a challenge.

While I admire Tara’s chutzpah, I’m content with my steady job at the CPA firm. I have a nice office, friendly coworkers, and interesting work. And, unlike Tara, I’ve never ended up at the wrong end of a gun with bullets flying. Good thing, too, because my taste in shoes runs toward high heels and sling-backs, not exactly made for quick getaways. So while Tara pursues truth, justice, and Uncle Sam’s tax dollars, I’ll continue to advise my clients on the best ways to minimize their tax bills-without risking Tara’s wrath.

As my wedding day approaches, I can’t help but hope that Tara will be the next one down the aisle. She and her coworker Nick have been dating for several months now, and it’s clear the two belong together. I just might have to take a peek over my shoulder and try to aim my bouquet in her direction . . .

Death, Taxes, and a Satin Garter is the 10th book in the Tara Holloway mystery series, published by St. Martin’s Paperbacks, August 2016.


Can IRS Special Agent Tara Holloway break up a clever ring of tax cheats who love money, dishonor the IRS, and disobey the laws of justice?

When Tara agreed to be her best friend’s maid of honor, she knew it would be a ton of work. But planning a bachelorette party is a piece of (wedding) cake compared to her latest mission for the IRS. Her target is radio host Florence “Flo” Cash, star of “The Flo Cash Cash Flow Show.” Not only has Flo been giving her listeners shady tax advice, she’s set up an elaborate barter system that leaves Uncle Sam out of the equation—and Tara tied in knots. . .

While Flo flouts the IRS at every turn, Tara has yet another case to tackle: a catfishing Casanova who’s relieved several lonely ladies of their cash, credit cards, and dignity. When her best friend’s big day arrives, it’s all Tara can do to keep from crying uncle. But when Tara snatches the bridal bouquet and her boyfriend Nick catches the satin garter, could Tara’s days of filing single tax returns be over?

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About the author
A former tax advisor and assistant attorney general for the state of Texas, Diane Kelly is no stranger to white-collar crime. She realized her experiences would make great fodder for novels and thus began her award-winning Death and Taxes romantic mystery series. A graduate of her city’s Citizens Police Academy, Diane also writes the hilarious K-9 cop Paw Enforcement series. Find her online at www.dianekelly.com, on Twitter @dianekellybooks, and on Facebook.

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