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Coming up on dru’s book musings (8/8 – 8/13)
August 8: Raissa James by Carolyn Haines (Pluto’s Snitch)
August 9: Merry Wynter by Victoria Hamilton (Merry Muffin)
August 10: Matt Viera by Gin Jones (Danger Cove Quilting)
August 11: Emi by Susan Spann (Shinobi)
August 12: Hugo Marston by Pryor (Hugo Marston)
August 13: Sabrina Vaughn by Maegan Beaumont (Sabrina Vaughn)

“Kilt at the Highland Games” by Kaitlyn Dunnett – Maureen Y.
“Live and Let Growl” by Laurien Berenson – Vickie H.
“All You Need is Fudge” by Nancy Coco – Patricia K.
“Never Trust a Skinny Cupcake Baker” by D.E. Haggerty – Robin C.
“Grilling the Subject” by Daryl Wood Gerber – Kim B.
“Amaretto Amber” by Traci Andrighetti – Libby D.
“Amaretto Amber” by Traci Andrighetti – Cynthia B.
“Amaretto Amber” by Traci Andrighetti – Kathleen C.
“Amaretto Amber” by Traci Andrighetti – KTB
“Amaretto Amber” by Traci Andrighetti – Lynne M.
“Brain Storm” by Elaine Viets – Gail A.


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