Crepe FactorHolidays in the French Quarter of New Orleans mean cathedral concerts, fancy reveillon dinners, and the traditional Winter Market. Which probably sounds idyllic, right? But here’s the thing – my very best friend, Ava, and I were strolling through the Winter Market the other night, looking at jewelry, nibbling tasty food from the food vendors, and drinking wine (lots of wine!) when the most awful thing happened. Suddenly, out of nowhere, we heard a horrible moaning and gurgling sound, as if some poor soul was being strangled. Then, imagine our shock when a man staggered out from behind one of the tents with an enormous kitchen fork stuck in his throat! I mean, this guy looked like some awful kind of zombie. He clomped right up to us with this strange dead-eyed look, still gibbering and moaning, causing poor Ava to let loose a blood curdling scream. And then, with his carotid artery spewing blood like a New Orleans courtyard fountain – he fell over dead!

Of course the police and ambulances came rip-roaring in. And when a few things got sorted out, the dead guy turned out to be Martin Lash, a crusty restaurant reviewer for the Glutton for Punishment food blog.

Then another huge problem reared its ugly head. The police turned a cold, hard eye on Quigg Brevard, a good looking dude who happens to be my old flame as well as a local restauranteur who’d just had a rather public squabble with Lash. Much to my consternation, Quigg begged me to jump in and help clear his good name. I know I shouldn’t have agreed to help, but how could I say no? (He is quite the charmer.)

But the tricky thing is, I’m dating Detective Edgar Babcock, who just happens to be investigating this heinous crime. So while I’m at Memory Mine, my Scrapbook Shop in the French Quarter, teaching classes and waiting on customers, I’m also secretly investigating Martin Lash’s murder.

There are a whole bunch of suspects, too. From restaurant owners who got burned by Lash’s vicious reviews, to a couple of real estate developers who were building condos on some wetland that Lash had pledged to protect.

And then, to add fuel to the fire, there’s been another murder.

So now Ava and I are thoroughly embroiled in trying to solve this case. We’re also enjoying our usual romp through New Orleans, eating the finest foods, flirting with eligible men, flaunting the latest fashions, and (oh yeah!) running for our lives through the bayous and being chased through those crazy above-ground cemeteries.

Is Crepe Factor outrageous? Yes. It’s a thriller-cozy (a thrillzy) that’s liberally sprinkled with humor and packed with exciting scrapbook and craft tips!

Crepe Factor is the 14th book in the Scrapbooking mystery series, published by Penguin Random House, October 2016.

The Winter Market in the French Quarter is in full swing, but murder isn’t taking a holiday in the latest from the New York Times bestselling author of Parchment and Old Lace.

The holidays are a busy time for scrapbook shop owner Carmela Bertrand—but not so hectic that she doesn’t have time to enjoy browsing the booths at the Winter Market with her best friend Ava. The last thing the ladies expect to see is a lurching man stabbed by a serving fork, dying in front of them.

The victim is loathed restaurant critic Martin Lash, who posted his scathing reviews on the Glutton for Punishment website. And the prime suspect is New Orleans restauranteur Quigg Brevard—who was seen giving the critic a tongue-lashing minutes before someone stuck a fork in him. An old flame of Carmela, Quigg asks for her help, which does not please her current beau, Detective Edgar Babcock, to say the least.

Before her relationship is the next victim, Carmela needs to find a murderer who had no reservations about punishing the culinary curmudgeon.

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About the author
Laura Childs is the USA Today and New York Times bestselling author of the Tea Shop Mysteries, Scrapbooking Mysteries, and Cackleberry Club Mysteries. In her previous life she was CEO of her own marketing firm, authored several screenplays, and produced a reality TV show. She is married to Dr. Bob, a professor of Chinese art history, enjoys travel, and has two Chinese Shar-Pei dogs.

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