Permanent Sunset by C. Michele Dorsey is the second book in the “Sabrina Salter” mystery series. Publisher: Crooked Lane Books, October 2016

permanent-sunsetFormer television meteorologist Sabrina Salter’s new life in paradise was idyllic, sprinkled with new friendships, romance and a successful villa rental business, which just landed Villa Nirvana, the newest and most opulent villa in the Virgin Islands. But island life isn’t all sun and sand.

During the villa’s opening weekend, Sabrina discovers the body of a bride murdered on the eve of her wedding to the villa owner. The case gives the police a new reason to scrutinize Sabrina and her business, which they suggest provides inadequate security for its guests and should lose its license. Unless Sabrina can show the bride’s murder was unrelated to her or her business, her life on St. John will be over before sundown.

In order to clear her name and salvage her business, Sabrina dives into the deep end of an investigation riddled with infidelity, fraud, identity theft, and conspiracy in Permanent Sunset, the second in C. Michele Dorsey’s riveting mystery series.

I love this second outing with Sabrina Salter where a bride-to-be is murdered and once again Sabrina is pulled into another murder investigation when her livelihood is threatened by an overeager detective. This was very enjoyable and I love how this was presented with a full-fledge mystery that grabbed my attention and quickly became a page-turner. There was a slew of suspects and it was fun to follow the clues, especially with those tricky little twists that kept creeping out for Sabrina to discover. The author did a fine job in intertwining all the little subplots that catapulted when the last secret was revealed and at that moment the killer’s identity was revealed. With this book we learned a little bit more about Sabrina, Henry and Neil’s past and it’s what made them the lovable characters that I adore. The author has a way with the narrative making this a visually appealing drama with engaging dialogue and the perfect backdrop just setting the scenes. I loved that last line said by Sabrina and it has me eager to read the next book in this wonderfully terrific series.

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