A Day in the Life with Sarah Kingston by Sandra Balzo

to-the-last-dropAutumn in Wisconsin means pumpkin lattes on the menu, colorful leaves falling from the trees and dead bodies dropping out of the sky.

Or at least that’s autumn in the world of Maggy Thorsen.

No, I’m not Maggy, thank God. I’m Sarah Kingston, Maggy’s partner in the Wisconsin coffeehouse, Uncommon Grounds.

Now I’m the first to admit I’m not perfect. Bi-polar, I’m not great at taking my meds and consider vodka one of those clear liquids you’re allowed when prepping for a colonoscopy. But Maggy has bigger problems. Repeatedly. This time it’s her dentist ex-husband, Ted, who has a blowout with his new partner—in our shop, I might add–and presto change-o, the next morning there’s a corpse on the ground outside their dental office.



And then there’s the situation with Maggy’s sheriff boyfriend. Jake Pavlik has dark wavy hair and eyes that change from sunny blue to cloudy gray depending on his mood. He rides a Harley. Rescued a toothless pit bull from a breeding cage at a fight club and brought her home to live with him. Named her Muffin. On paper, Pavlik is the perfect man. So what’s the problem?

Weren’t you paying attention? He’s the SHERIFF. And Maggy, the Corpse Stumbler.

And if that all weren’t bad enough, it’s nearly Thanksgiving, and we need to make up a gazillion gift baskets to sell before Christmas. Apparently holiday gift sales account for half our profits. Who knew? Not me, certainly, before I signed on as Maggy’s newest partner.

What happened to the last partner, you ask?

Not to worry, she’s not dead.

That was the first one.

To The Last Drop is the ninth book in the Maggy Thorsen mystery series, published by Severn House Publishers, November 2016.

Maggy Thorsen returns in this brand-new coffeehouse mystery, where the death of her ex-husband’s colleague leads to events that hit Maggy close to home – in more ways than one . . .

Maggy Thorsen’s shock at finding her ex-husband Ted in a fight with William Swopes, an oral surgeon at Ted’s dental practice, outside Uncommon Grounds, the Wisconsin gourmet coffeehouse she co-owns, is soon usurped by the horror of discovering a dead body outside Thorsen Dental’s office block the next morning. Did he jump from the tenth-floor office window, or was he pushed?

It’s not long before Maggy is uncovering disturbing family secrets, lies and betrayal.

As Maggy tries to piece together the clues, her beau, Jake Pavlik, hits her with another bombshell. Can she keep her emotions in check and find out the truth about a possible murder?

# # # # # # # # # # #

About the author
Sandra Balzo is an award-winning author of crime fiction, including twelve books in two mystery series from Severn House–the Wisconsin-based Maggy Thorsen Mysteries and Main Street Murders, set in the High Country of North Carolina and featuring journalist AnnaLise Griggs. Film rights for the Maggy Thorsen Coffeehouse Mysteries have been optioned toward development as a television series or movie. Connect with Sandy at Sandy@SandraBalzo.com, SandraBalzo.com or Facebook and Twitter at (you guessed it) @SandraBalzo.

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  3. Pauline Barlow

    “To the Last Drop” sounds to me to be a book I’d like to read. I believe I read some of the ones early in the series: “Grounds for Murder” and “Uncommon Grounds”. I’ll catch up on the ones in between by going to a book store or our library.

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  5. elainehroberson

    I’ve got a pot of coffee brewing now. I just need a good book to go with it and this one sounds great. Thanks for a chance to win a copy.

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  18. Cheryl Corbitt

    I LOVE discovering new-to-me cozy series set in my “new as of two years ago” home state! Thanks for a chance to win while I start tracking down the first eight books!!

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