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December 1
Denny’s Law by Elizabeth Gunn (Sarah Burke #6)
Walk Into Silence by Susan McBride (Jo Larsen) *new series*
Louise’s Lies by Sarah R. Shaber (Louise Pearlie #6)
Footprints to Murder by Marcia Talley (Hannah Ives #15)

December 5
Self-Serve Murder by D.E. Haggerty (Death by Cupcake #3)
Spiced and Iced by Jenny Kales (Callie’s Kitchen #2)

December 6
Dead, Bath and Beyond by Lorraine Bartlett (Victoria Square #4)
Egg Drop Dead by Laura Childs (Cackleberry Club #7)
Spouse on Haunted Hill by E.J. Copperman (Haunted Guesthouse #8)
Prose and Cons by Amanda Flower (Magical Bookshop #2)

Frosty the Dead Man by Christine Husom (Snow Globe Shop #3)
The Ghosts of Misty Hollow by Sue Ann Jaffarian (Ghost of Granny Apples #6)
Above the Paw by Diane Kelly (Paw Enforcement #6)
Better Off Thread by Amanda Lee (Embroidery #10)

Crime and Catnip by T.C. LoTempio (Nick and Nora #3)
Plaid and Plagiarism by Molly MacRae (Highland Bookshop) *new series*
Trigger Yappy by Diana Orgain (Roundup Crew #2)

December 8
Cover Me in Darkness by Eileen Rendahl

December 13
Ill Met by Murder by Elizabeth J. Duncan (Shakespeare in the Catskills #2)
Buried in the Country by Carola Dunn (Cornish #4)
Pot Luck by Kendel Lynn (Elliott Lisbon #4)
The Reek of Red Herrings by Catriona McPherson (Dandy Gilver #5)

Curried Away by Gail Oust (Spice Shop #4)
Forgotten City by Carrie Smith (Claire Codella #2)
Pearls Gone Wild by Diane Vallere (Style & Error #6)

December 20
Something Foul at Sweetwater by Sandra Bretting (Missy DuBois #2)
The Cat Sitter and the Canary by John Clement (Dixie Hemingway #11)

December 25
Love, Die and Neighbor by Joanna Campbell Slan (Kiki Lowenstein #13)

December 27
Death on the Patagonian Express by Hy Conrad (Amy’s Travel #3)
Bell, Book & Candlemas by Jennifer David Hesse (Wiccan Wheel #1)
A Ghostly Reunion by Tonya Kappes (Ghostly Southern #5)
A Pinch of Poison by Alyssa Maxwell (Lady and Lady’s Maid #2)
Custom Baked Murder by Liz Mugavero (Pawsitively Organic #5)
Iced Under by Barbara Ross (Maine Clambake #5)

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