plaid-and-plagiarismYes, I should have been able to move into my house by now. And yes, of course I want to know what’s causing the delay. I’m as nosy as the next person (the next person being my friend Christine). And yes, the estate agent who’s been managing the property for me for the past decade assured me that I’d given the current renters plenty of notice, plenty of time to move out. But . . . then the agent asked me to give them a few more days.

When I told Christine I’d agreed to the new delay, she said I’ve gone soft. I haven’t. But as an American and one of four new owners of Yon Bonnie Books, here in Inversgail, I’m treading carefully and trying to fit in. I don’t want to be one of those people who insist on things being the way they were back home, or try to impress people by throwing money around, or talk louder as if that will help people understand them. Christine said I’m not one of those people, that I won’t become one, and that I never was one in all the years my family spent summers here. But . . . then she insisted we walk past the house to see what we could see.

Right. So we did. Although I insisted that we not knock on the door. I didn’t want to intrude. Christine kindly agreed to that. Instead she rang the bell. Thank goodness no one answered. But . . . we got the distinct impression the house was actually empty.

That’s when we decided to go around back so we could look in the windows without being seen by the neighbors. If anyone was watching, we probably looked as cool and casual as a couple of amateur peeping Toms.

Everything was quiet in the back garden. But then we looked in the kitchen window. There are no words to describe . . .

Plaid and Plagiarism by Molly MacRae is the first book in the NEW Highland Bookshop mystery series, published by Pegasus Books, December 2016.

A murder in a garden turns the four new owners of Yon Bonnie Books into amateur detectives, in a captivating new cozy mystery novel from Molly MacRae.

Set in the weeks before the annual Inversgail Literature Festival in Scotland, Plaid and Plagiarism begins on a morning shortly after the four women take possession of their bookshop in the Highlands. Unfortunately, the move to Inversgail hasn’t gone as smoothly as they’d planned.

First, Janet Marsh is told she’ll have to wait before moving into her new home. Then she finds out the house has been vandalized. Again. The chief suspect? Una Graham, an advice columnist for the local paper―who’s trying to make a name for herself as an investigative reporter. When Janet and her business partners go looking for clues at the house, they find a body―it’s Una, in the garden shed, with a sickle in her neck. Janet never did like that garden shed.

Who wanted Una dead? After discovering a cache of nasty letters, Janet and her friends are beginning to wonder who didn’t, including Janet’s ex-husband. Surrounded by a cast of characters with whom readers will fall in love, the new owners of Yon Bonnie Books set out to solve Una’s murder so they can get back to business.

A delightful and deadly new novel about recognizing one’s strengths and weakness―while also trying to open a new book shop―Plaid and Plagiarism is the start of an entertaining new Scottish mystery series.

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About the author
The Boston Globe says Molly MacRae writes “murder with a dose of drollery.” In addition to writing the Highland Bookshop Mysteries, Molly is the author of the award-winning Haunted Yarn Shop Mysteries from NAL/Penguin and the stand-alone mystery novels Lawn Order and Wilder Rumors. Molly’s short stories have appeared in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine since 1990 and she’s a winner of the Sherwood Anderson Award for Short Fiction. Molly and her family live in Champaign, Illinois, where she connects children and books at the public library.

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