A Day in the Life with Nick Charles by T.C. LoTempio

crime-and-catnipMy name is Nick Charles, and I’m the handsome half of the Nick and Nora mysteries! Like my idol, Midnight Louie, I’m short, dark and handsome. . .and furry! In case you’ve haven’t guessed. . .I’m a cat! But not just any cat – I’m one who solves mysteries!

I used to belong to a PI who’s since gone MIA, and it appears I’ve inherited my former master’s flair for detection. I love helping my human, Nora Charles, solve mysteries. She’s an ex-crime reporter who came back here to Cruz, California to run her late mother’s sandwich shop. Of course, mysteries are also in her blood! I’ve helped her out many a time (ahem) by my ability to spell out clues with Scrabble tiles! I’ve also saved her life a time or two, as well.

In addition to Nora, I’m also fond of her bestie, Chantal. Chantal’s a psychic who runs a New Age shop, and she makes jewelry on the side. Her latest brainstorm is pet collars – and guess who’s drafted as her model (I should say unwilling model, meow!) I must confess, though, I’m a ham at heart, so I just suck it up when she slips those collars on me ‘cause I just love being in her video on You Tube!!!!!!

As for Nora’s love life, well, right now she’s got two suitors. FBI agent Daniel Corleone and her ex-college sweetie, Detective Leroy Samms. She seems torn between the two, but come on! We all know who’s numero uno in her heart, don’t’ we, merow!!!!!

Well, looks like it’s lunchtime. Time for me to leave my favorite spot in front of the fridge and check out today’s special! She’s making a Brad Pitt hero today – hope there’s some ham left over for me, merow! After all, a cat’s gotta eat. . .

Brad Pitt All-American Hero

6 slices bologna
6 slices cheddar cheese
6 slices Virginia Ham
Long Hero Roll
2 tablespoons mayo
Hot peppers
Shredded lettuce
4 slices tomatoes
Oil and Vinegar

Slice long roll, spread liberally with mayo. Cover with a layer of Virginia Ham, then a layer of bologna, then cheddar cheese. Garnish with hot peppers, tomato, and shredded lettuce. Sprinkle with Oil and vinegar.

Crime and Catnip is the third book in the Nick and Nora mystery series, published by Penguin Random House, December 2016.

Nick and Nora aren’t just pussyfooting around this time as they deal with a missing person’s case and murder.

While catering a gala for the Cruz Museum, Nora Charles agrees to look into the disappearance of director Violet Crenshaw’s niece, a case previously undertaken by her frisky feline friend Nick’s former owner, a private eye whose whereabouts are also currently unknown.

As Nora and her curious cat Nick pull at the string of clues, they begin to unravel a twisted tale of coded messages, theft, false identities, murder, and international espionage. Nora dares to hope that the labyrinth of leads will not only help them locate the missing young woman, but also solve the disappearance of the detective. That’s if Nora can stay alive long enough to find him. . .

# # # # # # # # # # #

About the author
While Toni LoTempio does not commit – or solve – murders in real life, she has no trouble doing it on paper. Her lifelong love of mysteries began early on when she was introduced to her first Nancy Drew mystery at age 10 – The Secret in the Old Attic. She (and ROCCO, albeit he’s uncredited) pen the Nick and Nora mystery series from Berkley Prime Crime – and in Spring 2017, the new CAT RESCUE mysteries from Crooked Lane! She, Rocco and company make their home in Clifton, New Jersey, just twenty minutes from the Big Apple – New York. Catch up with them at www.tclotempio.com and catsbooksmorecats.blogspot.com.

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    I do enjoy mysteries in which a cat helps solve the mystery. I wonder how good Nick is in helping Nora solve hers.

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