stone-cold-bloodedI might be a minor player in this tale, but I can tell you a thing or two about the goings on in Golden Springs, Colorado. After all, I’m the one who realized there was a leprechaun running around Old Man Day’s survivalist compound. You can just disregard those other theories. What I saw was no alien from outer space. No sir.

On that particular day, I should have been tending to my Western Outfitters and Outfits store. Instead, I took the morning off to go shooting with a tall, lean cowboy by the name of Delano Addison. I’ll admit neither of us is exactly a spring chicken, but I’m still a pretty hot chick. Besides, age never stopped romance from blooming.

Delano works for the Rock of Ages rock shop, up the hill from Golden Springs. He was giving a couple newbies instructions in gun safety. You see, the shop’s owner, Morgan Iverson, and local newspaper editor Kurt Willard, both had run-ins with a bad guy not long ago.

Morgan had finally hit the target. No bull’s eye, mind you, but the gal was improving her aim. She no sooner opens her mouth to let us know how well she did, when an explosion rocks the ranch. Like to scare that poor old pregnant donkey into a miscarriage. There was ammo going off, and more explosions, until I thought maybe terrorists had invaded.

Then there was a silence that was just about worse than the racket.

We raced to the ranch uphill. The local police department, all two of them, warned us to stay clear of the place. The booby trap at the gate probably wasn’t the only mischief devised by the reclusive Eustace Day. I gotta admire a man who plans for any eventuality.

While we were waiting outside the gate to Day’s ranch, Morgan noticed something rustling around in the tall weeds. When I saw it, I knew right away the critter was a leprechaun. He’d lost every stitch of clothing. Probably blown off in one of the explosions. I hushed Morgan when she commented that he was naked. No need to embarrass the little fella.

Now here’s the real tragedy. Morgan was just getting ready to snap a photo when a hawk swooped down. The both of us screamed, and the leprechaun let out a shriek that’d break your heart. There goes any chance of finding a pot of gold. And we don’t even have a picture to prove we saw him.

Who’s going to believe us now?

Stone Cold Blooded is the third book in the Rock Shop Mystery series, released by Encircle Publishing in October 2016.

When Colorado rock shop owner Morgan Iverson’s reclusive neighbor is blown to bits, the police believe he stumbled into his own trap. His granddaughter claims he was murdered, and asks Morgan and newspaperman Kurt Willard to find his killer.

Everything goes wrong as Morgan’s budding romance with Kurt is threatened by the unexpected appearance of his Hollywood ex-wife, her new boy band lookalike employee vanishes, and Kurt’s opponent in a heated campaign for city council accuses him of attempted murder.

Even the rock shop’s two mascot donkeys keep her on edge. Adelaide’s long pregnancy makes Morgan worry she’ll never drop the foal. When alien hunters invade, searching for creatures near the rock shop, Morgan is happy to escape to a big mineral and fossil show in Denver. Until her hopes for success there turn to disaster.

A feud between Morgan’s uncle and her dead neighbor could provide clues to his demise, but memories of the events decades ago don’t add up. In book three of the Rock Shop Mystery series, a Triceratops brow horn may hold the key to solving a prospector’s Stone Cold Blooded death.

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About the author
Catherine Dilts is the author of the Rock Shop Mystery series, while her short stories appear regularly in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine. With a day job as an environmental regulatory technician, Catherine’s stories often have environmental or factory-based themes. Her novels reflect her love of the Colorado mountains. You can learn more about Catherine at and on Goodreads.

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