A Day in the Life of Detective Audrey Jackson by Diane Kelly

above-the-pawOccupation: Fort Worth Police Department Detective

Hello, there. I’m Audrey Jackson, a seasoned detective with the Fort Worth, Texas Police Department. I sport mocha skin, perky braids, and a don’t-even-think-about-lying-to-me attitude. Like most people in law enforcement, I’ve got much more workload than I’ve got time. Lucky for me, rookie officer Megan Luz aspires to follow in my footsteps and is always willing to help me out. Some of her fellow officers call her a suck-up. I call her a godsend.

We’ve had a rash of college students who’ve ended up in the ER lately after taking “Molly.” You might know the drug as MDMA or ecstasy. It was popular back in the 1980’s and recently made a resurgence. Like clothing and hairdos, drugs tend to go in and out of style. Go figure. One of the victims collapsed at the Panther Pavilion Fourth of July celebration, where senatorial candidates Montgomery Sutton and Esperanza Espinoza had given speeches to the crowd. Drugs and politics. Two dirty businesses, huh?

Who’s selling the drugs is anyone’s guess. But given that several of the victims live in the same dorm at a local university, I figure the best bet for solving this case is to send Megan and her K-9 partner Brigit to the school undercover. Though Megan is in her mid-twenties, with some extra makeup and girlie outfits she’ll be able to pull off her new identity as a college kid. Brigit’s posing as a service dog trained to alert Megan to oncoming epileptic seizures.

As Megan and Brigit feed me the clues, we’ll work together to nail down the culprit. It won’t be easy. The victims don’t want to talk and the dealer has taken pains to remain anonymous. But three determined ladies like me, Megan, and Brigit know nobody is above the law. We won’t stop until the guilty party is behind bars.

Above The Paw is the fifth book in the Paw Enforcement mystery series, published by St. Martin’s Paperbacks, December 2016.

The crime-fighting duo of Megan Luz and her K-9 is back―and on the prowl. . .

When a rash of college students falls seriously ill after ingesting Molly, a “club drug” also known as ecstasy, Officer Megan Luz and her K-9 partner Brigit are tasked with tracking down the dealers. Going undercover at the university leads Megan closer and closer to infiltrating the drug trafficking ring. But when the investigation implicates her former partner and workplace nemesis, Officer Derek Mackey, Megan’s powers of discernment are put to the test.

Thwarted when the Feds seize control of the investigation and frustrated by the lack of attention the DEA is putting into the case, Megan continues her own unofficial investigation with Brigit’s help. But when the trail leads them in an unexpected and dangerous direction, Megan and Brigit find their own lives at risk. Can the K-9 team take down those in power? Or are some criminals simply above the law―and paw?

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About the author
A former tax advisor and assistant attorney general for the state of Texas, Diane Kelly is no stranger to white-collar crime. She realized her experiences would make great fodder for novels and thus began her award-winning Death and Taxes romantic mystery series. A graduate of her city’s Citizens Police Academy, Diane also writes the hilarious K-9 cop Paw Enforcement series. Find her online at www.dianekelly.com, on Twitter @dianekellybooks, and on Facebook.

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  3. Shelley Giusti

    Love this series and would love for a chance to win this book. Thanks Dru.

  4. Love stories with animals…count me in.

    • dianekellybooks

      Pets add so much to our lives. I can’t imagine writing a book without a dog or cat! Good luck in the contest, Gram!

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    • dianekellybooks

      Readers from the north Texas area routinely tell me they like seeing familiar places in my books (though I do make some of the places up). It’s fu to see home on the page! Fingers crossed in the contest, Donna!

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  7. I love cozies and books set in Texas and this one sounds great. Thank you for the chance to win a print copy of Above The Paw.

    • dianekellybooks

      Fort Worth offers a great setting for this series. It’s a surprisingly versatile city, with everything from renowned art museums to the cowboy culture of the stockyards. It’s a fun place to write about. Good luck in the contest, Peggy!

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    Dogs and mysteries make a fun combination. K9 Brigit can really sniff out those clues! Good luck in the contest, Jane!

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    • dianekellybooks

      I agree! Pets always add a fun element to a mystery. I have so much fun writing the dog’s chapters. I love getting into her furry head. : )

  17. Barbara Hackel

    This is such a fun series! I think of it as Brigit v.s. Megan take on the crooks. Why? Because Megan thinks she is in charge and Brigit KNOWS she is! Always a laugh amongst the crime solving! Thanks Dru Ann for today’s feature. Thanks Diane for the chance to win a copy!! 🙂

    • dianekellybooks

      Brigit is based loosely on my male shepherd mix, who is always butting heads with me. He only wants to let me be the boss when I’ve got a treat in my hand. Silly boy!

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