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January 2017 Releases


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January 1
Graveyard Shift by Casey Daniels (Pepper Martin #10)

January 2
No Living Soul by Julie Moffett (Lexi Carmichael #9)

January 3
Pop Goes the Murder by Kristi Abbott (Popcorn Shop #2)
Fudge and Jury by Ellie Alexander (Bakeshop #5)
Assault and Beret by Jenn McKinlay (Hat Shop #5)
Third Times A Charm by Diana Orgain (Love or Money #3)
Telling Tails by Sofie Ryan (Second Chance Cat #4)
An Unsettling Crime for Samuel Craddock by Terry Shames (Samuel Craddock #6)

January 5
Color Me Dead by Teresa Trent (Henry Park) *new series*

January 8
The Elusive Elixir by Gigi Pandian (Accidental Alchemist #3)
A Fatal Twist by Tracy Weber (Downward Dog #4)

January 10
Adrift by Micki Browning (Mer Cavallo) *new series*
She Stopped for Death by Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli (Little Library #2)
Dead Cold Brew by Cleo Coyle (Coffeehouse #16)
Dead and Breakfast by Kate Kingsbury (Merry Ghost Inn) *new series*
The Guests on South Battery by Karen White (Tradd Street #5)

January 15
Death of the Big Kahuna by Catherine Bruns (Aloha Lagoon #6)

January 16
Whale of a Crime by Karen MacInerney (Gray Whale Inn #7)

January 17
Scheduled to Death by Mary Feliz (Maggie McDonald #2)
A Puzzle to Be Named Later by Parnell Hall (Puzzle Lady #18)
K Street by M.A. Lawson (Kay Hamilton #3)
Time Out by Suzanne Trauth (Dodie O’Dell #2)
River City Dead by Nancy G. West (Aggie Mundeen #4)

January 18
Cold Heart by Karen Pullen (Stella Lavender #2)

January 24
Masked to Death by Christina Freeburn (Faith Hunter Scrap This #5)
15 Minutes by Larissa Reinhart (Maizie Albright) *new series*
A Fatal Romance by June Shaw (Twin Sisters) *new series*

January 31
Unpunished by Lisa Black (Gardiner and Renner #2)
Murder Wears White by Stephanie Blackmoore (Wedding Planner #2)
Right Behind You by Lisa Gardner (Pierce Quincy/Rainie Conner #7)
Drowning Tides by Karen Harper (South Shores #2)
Fever Dark by Ellen Hart (Jane Lawless #24)
A Palette For Murder by Sybil Johnson (Aurora Anderson #3)
A Death at the Yoga Cafe by Michelle Kelly (Keeley Carpenter #2)
Murder Go Round by Carol J. Perry (Witch City #4)

My Musing ~ Unexpected by Cindy Blackburn

Unexpected by Cindy Blackburn is the second book in the “Cassie Baxter” humorous mystery series, published December 2016.

unexpectedSmall sleuth, tiny town, unfailing fun.

Welcome to Lake Elizabeth, Vermont, where the water’s growing colder, the leaves are turning orange, and Cassie Baxter is going nuts. Who wouldn’t go a little nuts with this latest unexpected development? Meet five-year-old Truman Tripp. Cassie, who is most definitely not a kid person, can’t understand why his mother left the child with her. But some even more perplexing problems soon present themselves, and Cassie’s already Looney Tunes life gets even loonier. Expect the unexpected when Lake Elizabeth’s most unlikely duo, Cassie and Truman, team up to catch a killer. Even more important—expect to laugh.

Cindy has done it again. She’s taken me on a rip-roaring-laugh-out-loud ride with the hilarious antics and exploits of Cassie Baxter. This fast-paced whodunit was a fun read and I enjoyed the non-stop action from the time Cassie is introduced to Truman and to when she finally unlocked the secret. The author set this story up nicely keeping me engaged and entertained in all that was happening with this eclectic cast of characters ranging from a mad scientist to a sci fi author to a precocious five-and-a-half-year-old and to Cassie herself. Surrounded by a secondary cast of characters whose interaction provided amusing anecdote to Cassie’s craziness, this was a delightfully enjoyable read and I look forward to more zaniness with Cassie and her friends.

My Musing ~ Something Foul at Sweetwater by Sandra Bretting

Something Foul at Sweetwater by Sandra Bretting is the second book in the “Missy DuBois” mystery series. Publisher: Lyrical Underground, December 2016

something-foul-at-sweetwaterLouisiana hat maker Miss DuBois is making a name for herself veiling Southern brides-to-be with her sophisticated designs. She’s also gaining a reputation for unveiling murderers . . .

Missy is shocked when she sees the asking price for the Sweetwater mansion . . . in a good way. With business thriving at Crowning Glory, it would be nice to set up shop surrounded by alabaster columns and gleaming mahogany. The Southern connections only deepen when it turns out the real estate agent is Mellette Babineaux, a college classmate and sorority sister. But when Missy drags her best friend Bo along to the mansion for a second look, they barely make it past the live oaks before they discover Mellette’s dead body in a shed. Now, for the sake of her college friend, Missy finds herself investigating everyone from a superstitious Cajun caretaker to a Rolls Royce-driving billionaire—and finding that lots of closet space can mean lots of skeletons, too . . .

I had a good time reading this. The mystery was nicely done and the characters were pleasantly appealing. This book is built on southern charm which made this a comfortable and fast read. The author did a good job in presenting this story with plenty of suspects and a few twists that added to the telling of this tale. Overall, I enjoyed this book and I’m looking forward to more adventures with Missy and her friends.

FTC Full Disclosure – I received a digital ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley.