A day in the life of Mallory Shepard by Stephanie Blackmoore

murder-wears-whiteThere’s no such thing as ghosts, right? I mean, sure, strange things have been going on in the mansion-turned-B-and-B I’m currently renovating. But it must just be the creaks and moans and clicks and rattles that come with a century-old house settling. I used to be an attorney before I became a wedding planner, and I like to analyze things. So if I think about it long enough, and hard enough, I’m sure I can come up with a dozen reasons why all of these strange things are happening that have nothing to do with the supernatural. Because ghosts are not something I’m willing to deal with right now. Good thing the Port Quincy Paranormal Society is up to the task of figuring out whether the ghouls and ghosts are the real deal or not. Because if it’s not haunted, I don’t want to contemplate the only other explanation: this house is downright cursed.

What else has been going on this October? Besides the strange noises that return each night, my current bride’s aunt was poisoned at the wedding tasting. I swear it wasn’t my fault. If only the police would exonerate me and my sister Rachel. We didn’t cook with any of her allergens, and I don’t know how they crossed her lips. It’s not like the poor woman didn’t have a whole host of enemies.

This isn’t the first murder in the bride’s family, either. I’m not sure how they’re connected, but the bride’s mother was also murdered twenty years ago. My boyfriend defended her killer, and as you can imagine, there’s no love lost between him and the bride. And to top it all off, my mom is in town from Florida. She’s helping me renovate my newly inherited mansion so it’ll be ready in time for the first wedding. Let’s just say our ideas on how to decorate aren’t exactly the same.

All I have to do is finish renovating my mess of a mansion into a glorious B and B, move up a wedding eight months and finish planning it in mere weeks, hunt down a pesky poltergeist, and dodge my mom’s meddlesome ways. Easy-peasy! Wish me luck!

MURDER WEARS WHITE is the second book in the Wedding Planner mystery series published by Kensington, January 2017.

Mallory Shepard’s wedding planning business is off to a shaky start when a member of the bridal family drops dead at a food tasting . . .

Mallory hopes to unveil her new B&B just in time for her first ceremony as a wedding planner. The renovations to Thistle Park—the mansion she inherited in small-town Port Quincy, Pennsylvania—are almost complete. But what Mallory didn’t plan on is the bride’s aunt being poisoned at the wedding tasting and her perfect venue becoming a crime scene.

Adding to the mystery is the discovery that this is not the first murder in the bridal family, and as Mallory becomes engaged in her own investigation she learns the man convicted of the crime may not be guilty. Now she has two crimes to solve before the bride walks down the aisle—but a killer has other plans to ensure that Mallory forever holds her peace . . .

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About the author
A native Pittsburgher, Stephanie Blackmoore now lives in Missouri, with her husband, son and two spirited cats. She was an attorney in Pittsburgh and a librarian in Florida before becoming a writer. Stephanie is a fan of everything black-and-yellow. She is hard at work on her next Wedding Planner mystery. Connect with Stephanie at stephanieblackmoore.com.

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  1. Doward Wilson

    Sounds like a great start to a new series. Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. Pauline Barlow

    I’m glad most weddings don’t have this extra drama. I am intrigued and believe it would be a fun read. I wonder if Stephanie’s cats enter into the story.

  3. New author to me. Cover is very cute.

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    Toss my name into the magic hat please Dru, I want to add this one to my growing home library.

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