A day in the life of Deputy Finn Vincent by Tonya Kappes

Have you ever had a moment in your life when you hear a little voice in your head that tells you to stop and then a hair splits on your neck? This very thing happened to me about six months ago when I was sitting at my cushy desk at my cubicle in the Kentucky State Reserve Office.

Just in case you didn’t know or never been to Kentucky, the state is made up of many small towns. Most of these small towns don’t have a police station and is served by the county sheriff, which generally consists of an elected sheriff and a couple of deputies. The Kentucky State Reserve is a very special law enforcement department that is there to assist the sheriff’s departments when they are in need of extra people.

When a homicide came across my desk from the sheriff of the small town of Cottonwood, I got a little excited. There’d not been a murder in Cottonwood in years and I’ve been a little bored sitting behind the desk so I jumped at the chance to go offer my assistance. I’d been on the Chicago homicide department before I’d taken the Kentucky State Reserve job and how hard could be?

Six months later and the murder solved, Sheriff Kendrick Lowry, Kenni for short and yes she’s a woman, asked me to stay since her deputy had just retired and the town is in need of a deputy since they only have one.

There’s just one problem, the sheriff, she’s a she and a pretty, single she. There’s not much to do in Cottonwood. You can only eat so many times at Ben’s Diner or go see a movie in the makeshift movie theater in Luke Jones basement.

With the carnival in town and a night off, I asked Kenni to go with me. Funnel cakes, caramel candied apples are just the sweet treat I need to get up the nerve to ask her on a real date. The only thing romantic where I could ask her to go on a date was to ride the ferris wheel. It was perfect. The night was warm and the citizens turned out for the big festival. Everything was set.

Just as I was about to ask her out, dispatch calls over the two-way. Another dead body. . .

Southern Fried is the second novel in the “Kenni Lowry” mystery series.

In the South, it’s better when the food is fried and the secrets kept buried…After the dead body of a beloved Cottonwood resident is found tangled up in an electric fence, Sheriff Kenni Lowry has a hunch that somethin’ ain’t right. Her investigation heats up with a fierce cook-off competition, a euchre game where the intel is sweeter than the brownies, and a decades old family recipe that may just be the proof in the pudding.

The icing on the cake: Kenni is fighting an attraction to her recently sworn-in deputy sheriff, and election season is hot on her tail. When the killer comes after who she holds most dear, even her poppa’s ghostly guidance might not be enough to keep her and her own out of the frying pan.

“Kappes captures the charm and quirky characters of small-town Kentucky in her new mystery. . .a charming, funny story with exaggerated characters. The dialect-filled quirky sayings and comments bring those characters to life. Best of all, for a mystery reader, the culprit was an unlikely suspect, but the solution made sense.” – Lesa’s Book Critiques (on Fixin’ To Die)

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About the author
For years, USA Today bestselling author Tonya Kappes has been publishing numerous mystery with unprecedented success. She is famous not only for her hilarious plot lines and quirky characters, but her tremendous marketing efforts that have earned her thousands of followers and a devoted street team of fans.

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Southern Fried is available at retail and online booksellers or you can ask your local library to get it for you.

45 responses to “A day in the life of Deputy Finn Vincent by Tonya Kappes

  1. Barbara Hackel

    I love this author and the characters she has. Sheriff Lowry is one of the fun ones. 😉 Thanks Dru Ann for today’s blog!

  2. Marlene Ezell

    This book promises to be as great as all of Tonya Kappes’ other books.

  3. You will never be disappointed when reading any of Ms. Kappes’ books. There is always plenty happening with her characters to keep you reading just one more page.

  4. Rachael Brown

    I loved Southern Fried! This is a great series. I’m so glad that Finn Vincent decided to stay in Cottonwood after the crimes were solved. I’m looking forward to Kenni and Finn’s next adventures.

  5. Anna Gibson

    I love Finn and Kenni. They are both so nervous around one another. Hope he makes her forget herself for a little while and go for it LOL

  6. As usual Tonya has another hit series. I love the characters in the Kenni Lowry Mystery Series and can hardly wait to see where Tonya takes Kenni and Finn.

  7. This book sounds amazing & I can’t wait to read, Thanks for all you do for the readers.

  8. Jill Broussard

    I love the small town theme. I have to read this!

  9. Joanie Hinton

    I have both books in this series on my to read list….I can’t wait to get started on them…..

  10. I love the setting and the characters! Kenni and Finn are so cute together! Can’t wait for the next book.

  11. girlfromwva

    Tonya writes such fun, sassy, smart, quirky characters into her books. They are a joy to read!

  12. i loved this book!!!! my favourite!

  13. I have a bunch of Tonya’s books…she is a fantastic writer! I love how she pays attention to her readers, too. She is so much fun and always has something going on for her readers to interact with on her website and FB page! I just bought Book #1 in this series, and I’m sure Book #2 will be just as amazing! If you have not yet read her books, you are in for a treat! Make sure to check out her pages on Amazon, FB, Twitter, and her website! You will have a blast once you join us! 🙂

  14. Karin Tillotson

    Have enjoyed both of the books very much.

  15. I love this series! Hang in there Finn, Kenni has a lot to prove in this town and *shh* I think she likes you too.

  16. Wahhhhh, real life is keeping me extra busy. Can’t wait to read this one!

  17. I loved the first book but the second one was much better. Maybe because I felt right at home with knowing the characters. I look forward to the third book like last week! 🙂

  18. Cynthia E. Blain

    This posting definitely gives me the incentive to get the two books in this series. Sound so good.

  19. Love Tonya’s books. Can’t wait to read “Southern Fried”.

  20. Peggy Bragg

    I loved the first book cc=ouldn’t put it down can’t wait to read Southern fried..

  21. kittsklosetdollclothes

    Southern Fried will be next, love how the first one goes into the next one!

  22. Joanne Kocourek

    I love Tonya’s books, ready to read Southern Fried!

  23. I can not get enough of this series! I love Sherriff Kenni and Finn and Poppa and Duke and just the whole town!