Executive Order by Max Allan Collins w/Matthew V. Clemens is the third book in the “Reeder and Rogers” thriller. Publisher: Thomas & Mercer, April 11, 2017

A riveting novel by MWA Grand Master Award winner Max Allan Collins.

In Eastern Europe four CIA agents are dead—geopolitical pawns caught in border dispute cross fire. Why were they there? Who sent them? Not even the President knows.

Back in Washington, the Secretary of the Interior dies from an apparent allergic shock. As details emerge, so do suspicions that she was murdered.

Investigating their respective cases, ex–Secret Service agent Joe Reeder and FBI Special Situations Task Force leader Patti Rogers recognize a dangerous conspiracy is in play. When suspects and government contacts are killed off with expert precision, their worst fears are confirmed. As the country edges closer and closer to war, Reeder and Rogers must protect the President—and each other—from an unseen enemy who’s somehow always one step ahead.

The stakes have never been higher, against killers who might be anywhere, and Reeder and Rogers have no one to trust but each other.

This cornucopia of political intrigue is the latest from the team of Collins and Clemens that will knock your socks off. Something nefarious is afoot when CIA agents and a cabinet member are killed, it will take an executive order from the president for Reeder and Rogers to do what they do best. . .eliminate the enemies.

Once again, this team has delivered on its previous merit, a fast-paced, action packed and riveting drama that quickly became a page turner as this book was hard to put down. The narrative was visually descriptive making the exploits leap off the pages as the story flowed from scene to scene causing a mad adrenaline rush as I had to know how this was all going to play out. The authors did a great job in staging this multi-plot story with key maneuvers, including that one comical moment from an unlikely source, and a few strategically placed incidences that led to the heightened suspenseful nature of that final push towards an explosively climatic finale. This is the best book in this grippingly captivating thriller series and I can’t wait for the next adventures with Reeder, Rogers and their illustrious friends.

FTC Full Disclosure – I received a digital ARC of this book from publisher via NetGalley.

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