A day in the life with Frank Malloy by Victoria Thompson

If you’ve read about me in any of the Gaslight Mysteries, you probably remember me as a Detective Sergeant with the New York City Police. I was a cop my entire adult life, up until they fired me about a year ago. Oh, don’t feel sorry for me. They fired me because I got too rich to be a cop. But that’s a story for another day. Today’s story starts at home. Now that Sarah Brandt and I are married, we live in this gigantic house her neighbor, Mrs. Ellsworth, found for us. I’m glad it’s big because we share it with my mother, my son, Sarah’s daughter, our Nanny, our maid and our cook. So after breakfast is over, I’m often glad I’ve got an office to go to.

The office is the detective agency I now own, thanks to my former colleague from the police department, Gino Donatelli. While Sarah and I were on our honeymoon, Gino and our Nanny, Maeve Smith, decided I needed something interesting to fill my time, and they’d already solved our first case by the time Sarah and I got home from our European tour.

This morning I arrived at my office to find Gino had found a new client for us. Will Bert was looking for his brother who worked as a newsboy in the city. The orphaned boys had gotten separated when Will had been taken out west on the Orphan Train to find adoptive parents. Now that Will is grown, he wants to find Freddie and give him a home.

Since I don’t have to worry about earning a living anymore, I can take the cases I like, even if I don’t get paid, and I didn’t need to get paid to help these two brothers find each other. The trouble was, once Gino and I started investigating, we found out everything Will Bert had told us was a lie, including his name. That gave us a whole new mystery to solve, and we were very interested to find out the real reason Will Bert wanted to find Freddie. Then people started turning up dead, and the situation became more and more desperate. What did a missing debutant, a gangster from the Bowery, and a poor newsboy have in common?

The answers we found surprised us, but I won’t spoil it for you. Meanwhile, I’m on to the next case.

You can read the whole story and find out what Sarah and the rest of her family have been up to as well in Murder in the Bowery, the 20th book in the Gaslight Mystery Series.

Former police sergeant turned private detective Frank Malloy and his wife Sarah are caught up in the strange world of a society woman who enjoyed flirting with danger but found death instead. . . Frank Malloy’s latest client is well-dressed Will Bert. He’s searching for his brother, a newsboy named Freddie so he can share his new financial good fortune. Frank makes quick work of the case and locates Freddie but a happy reunion between brothers is not in the cards.

When Will’s name is mentioned, Freddie runs off—only to be found dead a short time later. A suspicious Frank tracks down Will who spins a tale of lust and deceit involving a young society woman Estelle Longacre. Estelle’s risky behavior took a fatal toll but Frank can’t be sure if the company she kept is to blame or if her own ruthless family had a hand in her death.

Frank will need Sarah’s help to unearth the dark secrets of the Longacres and to discover if there is a connection between Estelle and Freddie’s death. Together they must navigate an underground web of treachery to find answers.

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About the author
Edgar® and Agatha Nominated author Victoria Thompson writes the Gaslight Mystery Series, set in turn-of-the-century New York City and featuring midwife Sarah Brandt. Her latest, Murder in the Bowery, is a May 2017 release from Berkley Prime Crime. She also contributed to the award winning writing textbook Many Genres/One Craft. Victoria teaches in the Seton Hill University master’s program in writing popular fiction. She lives in Illinois with her husband and a very spoiled little dog. Find out more at www.victoriathompson.com.

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148 responses to “A day in the life with Frank Malloy by Victoria Thompson

  1. Patrice Haderthauer

    Love this series. I have read them all and am ready to move on with Murder in the Bowery. Wonderful, believable characters that you just want to find out more and more about and I have learned so much about old New York City. The only trouble with these books is that once you read the current one, you have to wait for the next one to come out. Write faster! 🙂

  2. Pauline Barlow

    Frank and Sarah Malloy certainly meet the most interesting people with dark secrets.
    I wonder if I should read this series in order.

    • It’s not necessary, because I’m careful not to give any spoilers to earlier books, but some people like to see the relationships developing.

  3. Nikki Welles

    Came across your series by accident and have been a faithful reader ever since. Very enjoyable reading during our long winter nights up here in the land of the Mid-Night Sun–Alaska!

  4. Linda Soulia-Smith

    I was afraid that after they were married we wouldn’t have any other books to the series. I would love to see Sarah’s mom get more involved. I liked in the last book that even her father helped with the case. I love how the family seems to be getting along great living together. Can’t wait to read the next book!!

  5. kat87622017

    This is a delightful idea…I love the characters and especially the time period. Thanks for an opportunity to get into this series.

  6. Anna McLerren

    I have read ALL Ms Thompson ‘s books and will be
    Reading this book. I love the characters and
    Am truly vested in their stories. The wait for
    The next volume is really hard lol.

  7. Kim Calabrese

    I would say to Ms. Barlow, yes to get a sense of continuity. Dear Frank keep posting articles. So now I have to say I read the book. and I loved it. So enjoy!

  8. Elisabeth Conley

    I’ve read and love this series from the very first book. I’ve very much enjoyed seeing Sarah and Franks relationship evolve and grow. In addition I do love a good mystery which Victoria Thompson is very good at telling.

  9. My wife and I have been reading the aeries since we discovered it and have a hard time waiting for the next mystery to be published. This review type run down sounds like we won’t be disappointed.

  10. David H Bailey

    Like the others, I have read all these books from the start. Every book has been great along the way and as soon as I finish the latest book I’m sad that I have to wait a year for the next one. Several times I have re-read the entire series in the months leading up to a Sarah Brandt and Frank Malloy book. It’s fun to do that because I know that as soon as I reach the end of a book I can continue right into the next book. I love these characters and Ms. Thompson is wonderful at devising new plots so each new book is a fun experience. While it’s not necessary to have read each book along the way, I suggest to people new to her books that once they’re hooked, they should go back to the very beginning and read all the books in sequence. I have long thought that either a series of movies based on these books or an ongoing TV series would be a fun thing. I hope Hollywood is reading this!

    • I hope they are, too, David! I actually had some interest in turning the series into a TV miniseries, but then they announced they were going to make The Alienist into a series, and interest in the Gaslights ended. Sigh.

  11. Karen Chabal


    Thanks so much for the update. It sounds like you have quite a mystery on your hands. I look forward to reading more about it!!

    Karen Chabal

  12. Nanci Kryzak

    Well, I’ve reached the “I can’t put it down now” part of the book, as has happened with each of the other books in the series. I love the stories of these very human characters, and I love being immersed in all the different areas of old New York. Victoria writes the very best history lessons! The hard part is waiting a year for the next installment!

  13. On my Wish List…..
    Thank you for the giveaway…..

  14. Linda Alkire

    I have really enjoyed the evolution of this series and look forward to the latest book!

  15. So my impatient wait is over. It’s hard to wait wondering what will come next to some of my favorite characters. They seem so alive to me and now I find they ARE. Frank is blogging. Proves I was right. This is a series of memoirs not mystery stories. Adds to the fun!

  16. Wonderful series and I love the historical background. Frank, you and Sarah are great!

  17. Deanna Lee

    This is one of my favorite mystery series! It’s usually the first novel I want to read over my summer vacation(I teach high school social studies) and relaxing with a gaslight mystery is like catching up with old friends. I am intrigued as to how Ms. Thompson will entwine some very diverse characters in this newest book!

  18. I just recently started reading the Gaslight Mysteries and have enjoyed them very much. I look forward to reading this new book in the series.

  19. I love escaping into the Gaslight Mysteries with Frank and Sarah. They would make a great TV series.

  20. I have read this series for many years and I always look forward to the next book. Can’t wait to read this one! (and I would recommend that you read the books in order).

  21. A friend recommended the series and I devoured them all. It’s now a long wait for the next installment. Looking forward to this next one.

  22. Zena Weldon

    A grand series with laughter, tears, mystery, clues, and NYC. Can’t ask for more!

  23. Cathy Thompson

    I’m currently 40 pages away from finishing “Murder in the Bowery.” I love this series – the characters, the plots, the atmospheric 1890s New York. And to the comment above, definitely read them in order! Thank you, Ms. Thompson – keep writing!


  25. I love this series! Great characters, goood history and challenging mysteries all make for a good read. Looking forward to reading This new one

  26. Love the series. Great to hear from Frank. I never miss a book.

  27. Carolyn Harris

    Victoria Thompson’s Gaslight Series is one of my favorites. I’ve read each book in order, AND I’m ready for Murder in the Bowery!

  28. Lori Shore

    I discovered this series a year or two ago and have had trouble reading anything else. Following Frank and Sarah through their adventures and mysteries has been a real joy. The romance is very realist and not too heavy or syrupy and adds a great tone throughout the series. I am obsessed with this series!

  29. Janet Marshall

    I just discovered this series and have read the first 6 books and can’t wait to catch up. I love your characters. Love hearing from Frank.

  30. Deborah Higdon

    I love Frank and Sarah! Each book is also a mini history lesson by giving us a glimpse to the past.

  31. Love this series and loved this latest addition! I can see this series going on for ages…and praying that it does! Thank you for wonderful characters with great minds and kind hearts.

  32. Yep, this sweet series is a lot of fun. I look forward to every new release!

  33. Eila Goins

    I have every one of the books and I have enjoyed all of them and also shared them with a friend. Read them in order. Can’t wait to read Murder in the Bowery.

  34. Donna Gantt

    I don’t read a lot of historical mysteries, but I like this series. Thanks.

  35. My husband and I have been a fan of this series since the very first book. Love the characters, the time period, and the way the stories are written.

  36. I’ve always wanted to read a Gaslight Mystery. This sounds like an excellent story. Would love to win a copy.

  37. Maryellen Webber

    I am looking forward to reading this next book in the series!!! Thanks for the chance to win this new release!

  38. Beverly W Schmidt

    Looking forward to this, the next of a series I love.

  39. Maxine Sala

    This sounds Great. I have been out of touch with Brant and Maloy so I see that I MUST get back on track. I always loved the series. I have to find out how they got RICH. Love and Peace Maxine Sala

  40. Great post, Frank. I like the sense of the time period in these. Thanks for the chance to win!

  41. Darlene Slocum

    I have enjoyed every one of Victoria’s books and my daughter is now hooked on them also.

  42. Deborah Spier

    I can’t wait to get the book! Love the series. I would also love to see more of Mrs. Brandt senior. She’s a great character that adds dimension to a story.

    Deborah Spier

  43. conniefischer

    I am a newbie to this series but am very intrigued by it! I look forward to reading these books.

  44. Cathy Harrington

    I love this series and anxiously await each new book. I am embarrassed to say that I know Vicky personally-we spent many hours together working for the March of Dimes in central Pennsylvania- and I never knew she was an author. I discovered her books after we had both moved on to other jobs. She is a very wonderful; person and great author. Keep them coming Vicky.

  45. elainehroberson

    I really enjoy this series. Thanks for a chance to win a copy.

  46. Doward Wilson

    Time to start this series. Thanks for the post & giveaway!

  47. I’v told Miss Thompson so many times how much I enjoy this series. My Mom was born in NYC in 1901 and she and my grandparents would tell me stories about the city at the turn of the century. I imagine them on the streets watching Sarah et al, as I read each book. The Bowery-oh, the stories I’ve heard.

  48. Terrie Newman

    This series is terrific and keeps me wanting more! Thank you, Victoria Thompson for keeping me intrigued.

  49. Warms Beth

    Can’t wait to read the book.

  50. Damaris Ricard

    I finished Murder in the Bowery and as per usual I loved it. The time period is amazing and the historical facts of my great city are amazing. I have recommended this series to several native New Yorkers like myself and all agree the series is exceptional. Now I have a question for Victoria Thompson. Will Malloy and Sarah have a child of their own? I would love to see that worked into the series. I am looking forward to the next book!!

  51. Samantha Brown

    Absolutely read the series in order! The richest fun that wat.

  52. Tony de la Cruz

    I found Ms. Thompson’s books when her fourth book had been published and I read the first one, which I absolutely loved! So within a week I had caught up after a great binge reading session. After that I desperately await the publication of the next book, which I immediately devour so I end up waiting again. I hope to meet her in person someday so I can tell her what her books have meant to me, especially when my father passed away last November. Thank you for the welcome distraction from everyday life stresses.

  53. Judy O'Neil

    I absolutely love your writing. I have read most of your series. They make me think, imagine, cry and be happy for all of the characters. The stories are true to life with such interesting period facts. I will enjoy your writing for many years! Thank you !

  54. Deanna Ayres

    Thanks for another book in the series; could hardly wait for the next one! Love that whole family!

  55. Laurie Nelson

    I can’t wait to get back to Frank and Sarah’s new story! I’ve followed them from the beginning, and now with the new marriage and continuing mysteries to solve, their life should get even more interesting!

  56. Debbie Lawrence

    I started with a $.25 booksale paperback…brought it on Vacation! I was fortunate enough to work at a big library, so when I came home, I went back to the beginning of the series. Enjoy it very much and almost hate to read the latest because I know it will end…and I’ll have to wait again….

  57. LisaGorrell

    As always, I can’t wait to read this next adventure of Frank and Sarah. I love all of the characters!

  58. Mary Jane H.

    A delightful series, I can hardly wait for the next book to come out

  59. This sounds like an entertaining read.

  60. Celia Fowler

    I love, love, love the Gaslight Mysteries. Frank and Sarah are some of my favorite characters! Thanks Dru and Victoria for the opportunity to win a copy of Murder in the Bowery ~

  61. I have read all of the gaslight book. This was my favorite. Love that frank and Sarah finally have a life together. This story line touched on real historical facts and some very sad issues

  62. The Gaslight Mystery Series is wonderful and memorable. Thanks for this wonderful feature and giveaway.

  63. Marianne Snygg

    Oh my! Murder in the Bowery, sounds like quite an intrigue. I can hardly wait to devour this one! I have missed Sarah, Frank, and the rest of the folks of early 1900’s New York City. Plus, it’s a wonderful opportunity to learn about the history of the various neighborhood within the city.

  64. Oh my! Murder in the Bowery, sounds like quite an intrigue. I can hardly wait to devour this one! I have missed Sarah, Frank, and the rest of the folks of early 1900’s New York City. Plus, it’s a wonderful opportunity to learn about the history of the various neighborhood within the city.

  65. Neila O'Neill

    I love this series! Can’t wait to read this new one!

  66. Margaret Sheets

    Love this series! Faithful reader from the first book to the current one! Great Characters – believable. Also enjoy the historical background. Would love to win copy of Murder in the Bowery!

  67. Another hit book!! I love this series. I am always looking forward to the next book hoping it won’t be the last. I agree wholeheartedly with the first comment writer, everything she said. The characters are so real – honest, forthright, and sincere. Traits you don’t see too much anymore in real people. This latest book sounds as intriguing as all the others. I hope the series never ends.

  68. Terese Catterson

    I love the Gaslight Mysteries series, was estatic when Frank and Sarah finally married and am looking forward to many more books involving their Detective Agency and hopefully see a wedding for Gino and Maeve down the road. As a New Yorker the places Victoria writes about of old New York intrigue me, that when I come upon a place mentioned I get a better feel for what it was like back then and see if I can spot any remanents of the past in the present.

  69. Heather Hargadon-DeCesare

    I adore The Gaslight Mysteries and cannot wait to read Ms. Thompson’s new book. Thanks for the chance to win a copy!

  70. Love the series now reading Murder on Washington Square.
    I like the way Frsnk’s attitude toward Sarah has grown & changed
    Looking forward too reading the next installment Mulberry.

  71. Love the Gaslight series!

  72. Somehow I have managed to miss the Gaslight Series. I can see I have missed out and have to remedy that!

  73. Ruth Corbit

    Love this series, and eagerly await each new release.

  74. I love, love, love this series. I just found it last year but wish I had found it years ago. I first read Murder on St. Nicholas Avenue before finding out it was a series. I decided I should start from the beginning and I’m currently on the second book. It was fun to read how the characters first met.

  75. This is one of my favorite series, consistently good, and one I hate to put down. So glad circumstances worked out for Sarah and Frank. (I’m sure your fine hand was involved, Victoria.)

  76. I’ve read this whole series and always look forward to the next book!

  77. Abby Fabian

    This book sounds amazing! I have never read any of the books in this series, but I have heard great things about it. Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  78. marianna castellaw

    I love all your books! Thank you for your story telling skills!

  79. MaryAnn Forbes

    Murder in the Bowery sounds like a great read. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win.

  80. A debutante and a gangster-I am intrigued already. Want to read the rest of the story now.

  81. I just love, love your books. Like many of the fans for your Gaslight series, I can’t wait for the next one. I’ve read each book from the very beginning. I always learn something interesting and of course share it with family and friends. Thank you so very much for your creativity and for bringing these characters to life.

  82. Audrey Langley

    Absolutely love this series… I have them all and keep in order. I have re-read many times. I have just received this new book for my birthday today… can’t wait to get started with it. Love all the characters. Ms. Thompson keeps the story flowing and the reader is never bored. Of course I too wish she would give us a new one more often… but so pleased when you do! Thanks for so many wonderful hours.

  83. I haven’t read all of the books in this series yet, but I’m working hard on it. I’ve loved all of the ones I’ve read and look forward to reading the rest. Thank you for the great books and giveaway.

  84. Karen Terry

    This sounds like a great mystery and a good read,

  85. Kathy Gonzales

    I love this series, thank you for a chance to win the newest installment!

  86. Looking forward to reading this book!

  87. Laura Galbo

    I LOVE this series. Once I finish a book I lend them to a friend and we have a mini book club,discussing the characters,plot etc. I enjoy the development of the character relationships. I go back and reread the first books looking at their personalities. And because of the books I have taken to investigating New York City’s history at the turn of the century.

  88. Sounds like a fun series. I’d love to read it.

  89. Lois Rotella

    Love this series as it takes place in NYC. Thanks for the chance.

  90. Ashley Cate

    I hadn’t heard of this series until now. It sounds very interesting! I love historical mysteries. I will be sure to add this to my to be read pile. Thanks!

  91. Dorothy Scalercio

    I loved everything about this series. Can’t wait to read this latest installment.

  92. I was given the first 5 books in the gaslight mysteries series as a birthday present a few years ago, and instantly became hooked. I love the characters, the time period, the mysteries, everything. I just started the latest one last night and as suspected, am having a hard time putting it down to get other things done today! Thanks so much for the many hours of enjoyment this series has given me.

  93. Well written interview with Frank. Can Sarah or even her mother have a voice here too?

  94. Linda B Sendobry

    Thanks for the update Frank!!! I love this series and all the characters development over time. Thank you for all your books!

  95. Must read! Thanks for the chance.

  96. gigstar2015

    The things I enjoy the most in the Gaslight Series are the historical connections Victoria researches and sneaks in so well. A word here or there frequently sends me to research something myself, which makes me totally vested in the lives of all these characters. Victoria must be ‘a person to know’ in the grandest sense of the words. Bless you for your hard work in creating so much pleasurable reading for so many.

    • gaslightvt

      I’m so glad to know other people research things they find in books! That is so cool. thanks for sharing.

  97. Joan Arroyo

    What a Joy to hear from Frank in this next book. I can’t wait to sink my eyes into it. Thank you so much for such a fun, interesting, and educational series that I share with all my family and friends.

  98. Carolyn Guidarelli

    Love Frank and Sarah! I’ve read all the books and am eager to get my hands on the latest release!!

  99. Judith Weaver

    I ADORE this series!!!!! Wonderful people, wonderful plots, love reading about the older parts of New York! I have the whole series, buy unfortunately the first few were printed only in paperback, and I prefer to collect hard cover books in djs. BUT THEY ARE WONDERFUL!!!!

  100. I just looooove this mystery series!! I’ve read every volume, several more than once. I joined in around book eight, and I wait in every heady expectation for each new release. My name is already on the library list for this newest addition to the series, but I’d love to have a copy of my own!

    Thank you so much for writing such amazing characters and compelling mysteries! You are definitely one of my favorite contemporary authors. 🙂

    Susanne 🙂

  101. Cindy Martin

    I love this series — can’t wait for the new book!!

  102. Julie Fetcho

    new to me author

  103. Candy Kennedy

    I have enjoyed this series and look foreward to more adventures with the characters.

  104. Dina Tanners

    I too have enjoyed this series very much. The characters are a delight and nicely developed but I also like learning about lives of diverse groups of people during that historic time.

    How lovely if this latest book is to be narrated by Frank!!!

  105. My daughter read the first book in the series several years ago and recommended it to me. We have both been hooked ever since. We enjoy discussing the latest books we’ve read and the lives of Sarah and Frank. I am looking forward to the latest, Murder in the Bowery. Thanks for giving us many hours of entertainment.

  106. I love this series! I read one in the middle and then had to go start at the beginning and even got books from other libraries before our library finally caught on and got all the ones they didn’t have. I’m so excited to read the latest one!

  107. Linda Wong

    This is one of my favorite series.
    I look forward to reading the next one. It is
    wonderful that Frank and Sarah decided to
    get married and I hope that Gino and Maeve
    will do the same! Please start writing the next
    book in the series.

    • gaslightvt

      Gino and Maeve are a little young for marriage, but I’m glad you are enjoying their romance.

  108. I love these books. I stress when I have to find something else to read, waiting for the next book to come out. I love the direction you have taken the characters, and I can’t wait to find out what happens next.

  109. I haven’t read this series yet yet and it sounds like I’ve been missing out on a geeat series. Definitely adding to my TBR list.

  110. L Ippolito

    My favorite series of books. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of them. One of the best things: these books are usually released just in time for this teacher’s summer vacation!

  111. I enjoy Victoria Thompson’s books starting with the covers and continuing through to the last page. I would love to have my name chosen as the lucky one. Thanks Dru Ann for hosting Victoria’s book.

  112. carlrscott

    I’ve seen this book around a few places, it looks cool. I’ve been wanting to get a copy, thanks for the chance to win one.

  113. Kaye Temanson

    Love this series, and devour each one as they come out.

  114. Love this series, and devour each one as soon as they come out.

  115. SReitelbach

    I have enjoyed every one from the beginning! Looking forward to reading this one! Love all of the characters!

  116. Linda Herold

    Thanks for the chance to win this! I love these kinds of books!!

  117. Joyce Hale

    Thank you so much for this wonderful series.I appreciate your research and have learned so much about turn of the century New York through your research. (am wondering why Hillary has not joined in with a comment) That was quite a feather in your Cap! Am so glad you got credit for your book. You deserve it. Thanks again!

  118. Several years ago, I read one of the earlier books in the series, and then knew I wanted to read them all in order. I’ve read all of the books and absolutely love the characters and the stories! I’ve even read this latest one in the Bowery, but would love to win a copy for my stepmother (who also enjoys mysteries). I love Sarah and Frank and all the other people who inhabit these books. As soon as I learn that a new entry will be published soon, I go straight to Amazon and pre-order it! That’s how I never miss a story in this delightful series. Thank you, Victoria!

  119. Vicki Highley

    My mom introduced me to this series. I am so glad she did. I would love yo win. Thanks for the chance.

  120. Janet Guess

    I’ve been reading the Gaslight mysteries for quite a while and enjoy everyone of them for the authentic flavor of early New York, the continuing cast of memorable characters, and the complex mysteries that enthrall me – Thanks for the chance to win one.

  121. A whole new world is opening up for Frank Malloy! Financially independent, newly married, and now his first case as a private investigator. Wow, can’t wait to see how he and Sarah solve his first case and how they adjust to all the changes in their lives! Love this series. Thank you for the chance to win a free copy of Murder in the Bowery!

  122. I love this series and can’t wait to read the next book.

  123. New to me Author. This book looks really good. Thanks for sharing it with us and for the chance to win.

  124. Marilyn Watson

    I love Historical Mysteries and would really like to read this Book. Thank you for offering us the chance. The cover of all your books are quite creative. This one looks very deco almost…
    Marilyn ewatvess@yahoo.com

  125. Gail Malane

    I would love to win the latest book involving Sarah and Frank. I own all the books except the last 3, but have only read the first 5 . I love the time period, the NYC setting, the supporting characters and the mysteries. The book covers have always been eye catching for a historical fiction fan like me. It’s great to read books in which you feel like you’re almost a part of the character’s lives and grow older with them.

  126. Della Williamson

    Quite a mystery. Very intriguing. Would love to read. Thank you for the chance to do so

  127. Jeanne Killackey

    So thrilled love you characters can’t wait to read your newest novel. Some of your location background reminds me of stories my grandmother told me about coney island and the L as she called it (elevated train) . Hope to see more historic characters like Teddy. Thank you for the pleasure of you books

  128. Phyllis Benvin

    I love this book series and can’t wait to read the latest. Although out of all of the books my favorite is Murder in St Marks Place, (**Spoiler Alert**) especially when Frank and Sarah go to Coney Island on the log ride and come out clutching each other in terror, both afraid to admit to their fear. That, to me, was the first glimpse of their attraction to each other.

  129. Maria Candamil

    Accidenatly found the Gaslight series — and fell in love with the characters — especially a strong woman such as Sarah and a man like Frank, who so loves his son and is willing to grow and learn when he meets Sarah. The stories are rich in the culture and practices of Victorian New York — so vivid. Only problem is I read them all in less than a month — I was consumed by reading them. Same thing happened when I told my best friend — she couldn’t put the books down either. Can hardly wait to read this one

  130. I love this series! I’ve recommended the books to a number of friends and family.

  131. I’ve seen this series but never tried it. Now, based on this description, I’ll have to dive in and start reading it.

  132. Joan Floyd

    What a great way to breathe even more life into a character than by giving an interview! I was captivated right from the start! I love these “people” and their stories within a story. I hope they make a series out of it next! 😊

  133. LOVE the Gaslight Mysteries! They are like a bag of potato chips, I devour them in one sitting!

  134. Patricia Lewandowski

    Everything I wanted to comment on has been said by all your loyal readers. I also went back and tracked down all the books in the series. I’m glad this new book finally came out. I’m hoping you have many more ideas for this series. Enjoy this time period and the family.

  135. **** WINNER ****
    Murder in the Bowery by Victoria Thompson is Jane R

  136. Love these Gaslight mysteries. Cant wait until every May for the new one to come out.

  137. Cant wait each May for the new Gaslight mystery to come out.

  138. Barb Sabat

    I have read every Gaslight Mystery written by Victoria Thompson. I love each of the characters and how they’ve developed over the years. Each book brings me back to New York in an era that can never be forgotten. I look forward to reading Murder in the Bowery,