My life is kind of normal. I live in Northern Washington with my Rottweiler, Wookie, in a trailer on Gramps’s property and I work at a gas station. It’s a simple life; if you don’t count the times I use my divining rods to find the dead. Which sounds way cooler than it really is. My boyfriend, Denny, doesn’t like to hear about that part of me and that’s just fine. I prefer to keep my inner weird light turned way down low.

Gramps likes to take care of Wookie, when I have to work. He also keeps an eye on me to make sure I don’t lose my mind at the bottom of a wine bottle or three. Being twenty-five and sober isn’t all the fun it’s cracked up to be. Although I’ve not touched a drop for a while, that doesn’t mean the thought of a little chardonnay (or a lot) doesn’t claw at my gut like a demon shrieking to be fed.

After a horrific childhood that always threatens to drown me in dark, quicksand thoughts, I’ve found peace and quiet in my humble life. There’s a lot to be said for living where Washington State hugs the Canadian border. Working at the gas station is quiet, except when the Canadian dollar takes a dive and they flock in droves across the border for our cheaper gas. And it’s peaceful, except for when my bestie, Katie, saunters back to town from her travels and wants to party at the casino.

Then one day all that peace and quiet takes a nose dive when Garrett Pierce from the FBI comes knocking on my trailer door. A serial killer is loose in Washington and he needs help finding the bodies. He’s got twenty years on my twenty-five but he’s irresistibly sexy in a straight-laced kind of way. I try my best to turn him down. I don’t need this kind of pressure or drama in my life! But how can I refuse when three girls are missing? I decide that using my dowsing rods to help stop a killer is the right thing to do.

Searching for missing girls isn’t easy work, especially when the killer sets his sites on me and my darkest fears quickly become a terrifying reality.

You can read more about Julie in A Grave Calling, the first book in the NEW “Bodies of Evidence” mystery series.

There had been no attempt to bury the dead girl, naked except for the white ribbon tied to her wrist

Twenty-five-year-old Julie Hall has a unique ability: when she takes up a dowsing rod, she finds not water but bodies. To Julie, it’s a curse, not a gift, and one she rarely uses—she prefers her quiet life in a trailer, with her grandfather and her dog for company. But when FBI agent Garrett Pierce shows up at her door seeking help with a case, she has no choice but to assist with their search.

Three girls are still missing. The killer is still out there. As bodies are discovered and more girls disappear, the case becomes almost more than Julie can bear. And when the killer turns his sights toward her, even her growing relationship with the protective Agent Garrett may not be enough to save her.

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About the author
Wendy Roberts is an armchair sleuth, fan of all things mysterious but a huge chicken at heart. Her mind is often in a secretive, cloak and dagger world of intrigue while her physical presence is usually at home feeding feral cats and a demanding guinea pig. Wendy resides in Vancouver Canada where she happily writes about murder and is always at work on her next novel.

You can find Wendy on the web at, on Twitter, on Instagram and on Facebook.

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