Hello, my name is Samantha Cambridge. I’m a thirty-year-old artist who was never supposed to do anything other than rule the business world. My parents had sent me to the finest schools they could afford, but after graduating with a business degree, I ran out on my first interview. I couldn’t bear the thought of sensible shoes, business suits, and endless meetings. Oh, those boring business meetings where you plot your own demise, so you won’t have to return.

Instead, I went to an art festival and met my mentor and friend, Desiree. An elderly French woman who taught me the ways of a starving artist. A life I’ve been living since that very day. Now, my days consist of walking my gigantic fur-child Freeway. I found him on the freeway, lost and scared, and fully grown. Or, at least that’s what I thought. Instead, he was a puppy and is now one hundred and eighty pounds of pure Irish Wolfhound love and affection.

I also spend my days mediating peace talks between my two best friends. They have the shops directly to the left and right of mine. Carol, is a no, nonsense woman with a sharp tongue, but a heart of gold. She’ll perform any ceremony as long as it’s legal and no one gets hurt. Her specialty is extreme weddings and dog-christenings. Carol is the Yin to Heidi’s Yang.

Heidi Olson went to school with me and got a business degree as well. During our school-days, she’d taken a DNA test and found out she was 1/120th Navajo and began pursuing their art, clothing, and jewelry with a passion. To make her more believable to the many winter visitors to the warm Arizona weather and open-air Cactus Swap Meet where they worked and sold their products, she wore a wig and used self-tanner to appear more Navajo than she actually was.

With me as the glue that holds us all together, we are inseparable. Our day consisted of bartering and haggling with customers who had way more experience than we do at the art of getting a good deal. That was until the fateful morning I tripped over a dead body in my store. I hadn’t seen him sprawled out on the floor until it was too late. I can still see his high quality Italian leather shoes and well-fitted pants. How had he gotten into my store in the first place?

Things went from bad to worse when my friends and I became the focus of the police investigation. Had it not been for the sexy news reporter, Ulysses Molina, I think I would have lost my mind. Ulysses showed up at my house late one night to go over some key pieces of evidence. But, you won’t believe what happened next.

You can read more about Samantha in Murder at a Discount.

Samantha Cambridge thought the day she tore up her business degree and walked away from the life her family had carefully planned out for her, to pursue her passion as a glass artist was the scariest day of her life.

Boy, was she wrong.

As it happens, the scariest day of her life turned out to be the day she stuck her key in the lock of her struggling flea market shop, intent on opening for business, only to find a mysterious dead guy on the floor.

Now, nothing but scary days loom ahead as she—prime suspect #1—her friends, fellow shop owners, and even her Irish Wolfhound, Freeway, get sucked into the fray. With the help of up-and-coming (and deliciously handsome) reporter, Ulysses Molina, Samantha searches for a killer in the crowd. Will she find the murderer or will hers be the next body found at the flea market?

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Meet the author
Carlie Lemont, is a Midwest transplant to the land of cactus, coyotes, and diamondback rattlesnakes. A traveler and collector of fine-things, she met her big-city husband, Ricardo, in the City of Angels. When she’s not trying to save the world, one geriatric patient at a time, she spends her time drinking coffee, eating pizza, and playing with their two, adorable rescue-dogs. Having an interest in the arts, she also spends quite a bit of time writing and creating beautiful glass mosaics, the flashier the better. Mostly, she enjoys spending time with friends and family who share her sense of humor and are willing to laugh at the most inappropriate times.

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