Death in D Minor by Alexia Gordon is the second book in the “Gethsemane Brown” mystery series. Publisher: Henery Press, coming July 11, 2017

Gethsemane Brown, African-American classical musician and expatriate to an Irish village, solved a string of murders, led a school orchestra to victory in a major competition, and got used to living with a snarky ghost. She can rest easy over the Christmas holiday. Right? Wrong. The ghost has disappeared, her landlord’s about to sell her cottage to a hotel developer, and her brother-in-law is coming for a visit—with one day’s notice.

She scrambles to call her spectral roomie back from beyond and find a way to save the cottage from certain destruction. But real estate takes a backseat when her brother-in-law is accused of stealing a valuable antique. Gethsemane strikes a deal with a garda investigator to go undercover as a musician at a charity ball and snoop for evidence linking antiques to a forgery/theft ring in exchange for the investigator’s help clearing her brother-in-law. At the party, she accidentally conjures the ghost of an eighteenth-century sea captain, then ends up the prime suspect in the party host’s murder. With the captain’s help, she races to untangle a web of phony art and stolen antiques to exonerate herself and her brother-in-law. Then the killer targets her. Will she save herself and bring a thief and murderer to justice, or will her encore investigation become her swan song?

In the latest adventures with Gethsemane, murder is once again thrust upon her and with determination and a goal, she does what needs to be done to expose a killer who doesn’t not want to be identified. The author does a great job in keeping this multi-plot tale intriguing where everyone is suspect and one by one as each clue is presented, the field of suspects narrow and it is watching Gethsemane figured it out along with myself. The mystery was nicely done and I like that the narrative put me in the middle of all the action capturing the essence that is Ireland. The character of Eamon adds a touch that makes this engagingly appealing series more endearing.

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FTC Full Disclosure – I received a digital ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley.

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