Hi, my name is Carol Childs, and I’ve just been given a tremendous opportunity. Something I’ve been working towards for the last several years. You see, I’m an on-air reporter at a talk radio station in Los Angeles and my boss, Tyler Hunter, who up until recently had referred to me as the World’s Oldest Cub Reporter, has assigned me to a show of my own on Sundays nights. This is a big deal, and I’m really excited about it. Particularly since the station is under new ownership and I want to make sure they like me.

The trouble is, a couple days ago, I got called out to report about a body on the Hollywood Sign. I think it was a murder, but the police have been quick to call it a suicide. Which means the station wouldn’t be following up on it. We don’t cover suicides. However, it appears I’m not alone in my suspicion. There’s this private detective, named Gerhardt Chasen, Chase for short, who’s a bit of a conspiracy theorist, and he’s been nosing around. He’s convinced the police are covering something up. Even worse, now that he knows I have a live radio show, he’s pestering me to put him on the air so he can talk about it. He’s convinced someone out in radio-land might know something about it.

No way was I going to put some crazy conspiracy theorist on the air, but my show was dying. I was forty-five minutes into a report on the LA River Project – a subject Tyler had assigned me to cover and drier than the riverbed itself – when the switchboard lit up. Thinking I might have a live caller on the line, I answered. It was Chase, the crazy PI, along with a queue of callers he’d lined up to talk about the body on the Hollywood Sign.

Believe me, there was plenty of Room For Doubt, for what I was about to hear. And it would forever change how I viewed my job as a reporter. Stay tuned.

You can read more about Carol in Room For Doubt, the fourth book in the “Carol Childs” mystery series.

When radio reporter Carol Childs is called to a crime scene in the Hollywood Hills at five thirty in the morning, she’s convinced it must be a publicity stunt to promote a new movie. That is, until she sees the body hanging from the center of the Hollywood sign. The police are quick to rule it a suicide, but something doesn’t add up for Carol. Particularly after a mysterious caller named Mustang Sally confesses to the murder on the air and threatens to kill again.

With the help of an incorrigible PI, her best friend, and a kooky psychic, Carol is drawn into the world of contract killers and women scorned. As she races to find the real killer, she finds herself faced with a decision that will challenge everything she thought she knew.

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About the author
Nancy Cole Silverman credits the fact both she and Edgar Allen Poe share the same birthday, along with her twenty-five years in talk radio, for helping her to develop an ear for storytelling. After writing everything from commercial copy to news Silverman retired from radio in 2001 to write fiction. Today, Silverman has written numerous short stories and novelettes some of which have been produced as audio books. Silverman’s new series, the Carol Childs Mysteries (Henery Press) takes place inside a busy Los Angles Radio station. Silverman lives in Los Angeles with her husband, four adult children, and thoroughly pampered standard poodle. Connect with Nancy at nancycolesilverman.com.

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