A Sunday with BOLO Books’ Kristopher Zgorski

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6 responses to “A Sunday with BOLO Books’ Kristopher Zgorski

  1. Thanks for having me Dru Ann. This was fun. And Sunday was the perfect day for it – since it is the day most dedicated to the blog and relaxing. The other days are far less interesting.

  2. lindagordonhengerer

    I love the peek at how you do your reviews! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Love this post today! It seems you fit so much into the day, Kristopher. And, one of the best parts sounds like Michael’s cooking. xo

  4. annettedashofy

    “Just one more chapter.” Yeah. Riiiight. 😉

  5. Here I thought I was doing well finishing my books a week ahead of review date. And sometimes my turn around between draft and edit is 8 hours or so. Clearly, you are better at time management than I am.

    But I am with you absolutely on having to have a book in progress at all times. You can imagine how I felt while spending a sleepless night in the ER 11 years ago when I finished the book I was reading and hadn’t brought anything with me to read. One of the first tings I asked my parents to bring to me when they arrived as a new book.