Cat About Town by Cat Conte is the first book in the NEW “Cat Cafe” mystery series. Publisher: Minotaur Books, August 2017

The first novel in a frisky new mystery series set in a small New England town, where an unlikely citizen is called in to solve the purrfect crime. . .

Maddie James has arrived in Daybreak Island, just off the coast of Massachusetts, eager to settle down and start her own business—and maybe even fall in love. When a stray orange tabby pounces into her life, she’s inspired to open a cat café. But little does Maddie know that she’s in for something a lot more catastrophic when her new furry companion finds the dead body of the town bully. Now all eyes are on Maddie: Who is this crazy cat-whisperer lady who’s come to town? If pet-hair-maintenance and crime-fighting weren’t keeping her busy enough, Maddie now has not one but two eligible bachelors who think she’s the cat’s pajamas . . . and will do anything to win her heart. But how can she even think about happily-ever-after while a killer remains on the loose—and on her path?

This was a fun book that kept me entertained throughout the telling of this tale. Maddie arrives in town on somber note, but things get quite interesting with a new idea and with the discovery of a dead body.

This was a fast-paced drama that I could not put down until it was all said and done. The author has a way with the narrative putting me in the middle of all the action. The mystery was set-up with plenty of suspects and enough clues to keep me pondering who had the strongest motive for murder. It was that final piece of the puzzle that gave me the aha moment and I enjoyed watching how it all came to fruition with each character playing a pivotal role that led to the identity and apprehension of the killer. The dialogue was engaging and I love this wonderful cast of characters, especially JJ, who delight me in their interactions within this whodunit. This was a nice story in this debut series and I can’t wait to read the next book.

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