The Golden Hour by M K Graff is the fourth book in the “Nora Tierney” English mystery series. Publisher: Bridle Path Press, July 2017

Nora Tierney can’t shake the feeling she has a stalker. While she’s house hunting in Oxford, her partner, DI Declan Barnes, untangles the murder of an art conservator. When these situations collide, she finds herself fighting to save her child and their future.

This book had me completely immersed in all that was happening with the main protagonist. The tone and the pacing fit the core of this finely tuned novel that had me on pins and needles as I didn’t know how this was going to end. With well-written scenarios, the story took me to a place where I was rooting for Nora and Declan to emerge in a good place from it all. The mystery kept the suspense on tinder blocks as each chapter took me to another level as I enjoyed watching it all play out with the multitude of characters, not knowing who was doing what to whom and it was with great aplomb that the author captured the drama well in the telling of this tale. I like that there was a list of characters in front which was very helpful with this large cast and a map to visually plot the areas mentioned in the book. This is a terrific read and look forward to more stories with Nora and her friends.

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