The Persian Always Meows Twice by Eileen Watkins is the first book in the NEW “Cat Groomer” mystery series. Publisher: Kensington, coming September 26, 2017

Cat lovers are thrilled to welcome an expert groomer to the picturesque town of Chadwick. But scratch below the surface, and unmasking a killer becomes a game of cat and mouse . . .

Professional cat grooming isn’t all fluff—when the fur starts flying, Cassie McGlone, owner of Cassie’s Comfy Cats, handles her feistiest four-legged clients with a caring touch and nerves of steel. While these qualities certainly help keep her business purring, they also come in handy when she makes a house call to her best client, millionaire George DeLeuw, and discovers his murdered body next to his newly orphaned Persian, Harpo.

To help the local police find the actual killer, Cassie begins her own investigation. But no one, from George’s housekeeper to his vindictive ex-wife, is giving up clues. Not until Cassie is given permission to temporarily board Harpo does anyone show interest in the Persian’s wellbeing. Someone is desperate to get their paws on Harpo before the feline helps untangle a felony. Are there deadly truths that a cat whisperer like Cassie can coax out? She needs to tread lightly and remember she gets one life, not nine. . . .

This was a fun and enjoyable book to read. I love the comfortable tone and the pacing of this whodunit, creating an easy story to follow from beginning to end. The mystery was nicely done with a slew of suspects and I liked the clues kept me busy trying to figure it all out with a few red herrings that enhanced the telling of this tale. The narrative was visually descriptive putting me right there in the middle of all the action as Cassie groomed her pets (I liked that the author gave me an inside look at this), queried the suspects, confronted a person from her past, and worked with the police. This I liked, that she worked cooperatively with the local police. I enjoyed meeting Cassie, Dawn, Sarah and Mark which I look forward to seeing their relationship grow. Boasting a lovable cast of characters that also included the furry ones, engaging dialogue and a small town atmosphere, this was a great debut story and a welcome addition to the cozy genre.

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FTC Full Disclosure – I received an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) from the author.

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