View To A Chill by Larissa Reinhart is one of the stories in the 12 Slay of Christmas anthology.

May Your Days Be Cherry & Albright. . .

In this Rashomon-style Christmas mystery, while Cherry Tucker suffers from flu-induced visions of murder, Maizie Albright’s on the hunt for a missing granddaughter whose criminal stockings have long been filled with coal.

Maize Albright and Cherry Tucker meet in a case that mirrors Rear Window when Cherry sees a crime and no one believes her, while Maize suspects something is amiss inside the house she is surveilling. Coincidentally, the situation taking place viewed by Cherry and watched by Maize is the same and it’s both perspectives that I’m witnessing as they both try to figure out what is happening and how to put a stop to it. I enjoyed the flow and the tone of the narrative as well as the dialogue and the roles the supporting cast played that enhanced the telling of this tale. It was fun watching Maize and Cherry do what they do best, helping each other, indirectly, along the way in this engagingly entertaining drama. It was like having the best of both characters in the same story, yet separated by their roles. I look forward to more adventures together or separately with these lovable characters.

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