A Crime of Poison by Nancy Haddock is the third book in the “Silver Six” mystery series. Publisher: Penguin Random House, December 2017

The Silver Six are known for their arts and crafts—but they’re about to be tested in the art of catching a crafty killer.

It’s early October, time for the Fall Folk Art Festival and Bake Sale in Lilyvale, Arkansas. Every business along the town square will benefit from the event, including the craft store run by Leslee Stanton Nix—aka Nixy—and the Silver Six, a group of retirees. In charge of making the festival go smoothly, Nixy is confident that it will be a success.

But things become knotty when local troublemaker Cornell Lewis is found dead with a plate of Snickerdoodles from the bake sale. Two members of the Silver Six are accused of cooking up a murder plot, but Nixy knows that the cookies weren’t literally to die for. With time running out, Nixy and company must catch the actual killer. . .before the Silver Six find their number permanently reduced to four.

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You have to love the camaraderie between the six friends who will have each other’s back. When evidence points to two of the Silver Six in the death of a past acquaintance, the crew put forth an investigation to clear their friend and find a murderer.

I love this series which immediately grabbed my attention and never let go until the last page was read. The author knows how to tell a story that evokes all kinds of emotion from happy to sad to anger to frustration and finally to delirious excited. The mystery was staged perfectly and I enjoyed watching it all play out and it was that one clue that brought everything to fruition and the gang knew the killer’s identity. Everyone had a pivotal role in solving this and of course there was some humorous moments and a few tender moment. Of course, one can not enjoy this with the presence of Mrs. Gilroy. Boasting a wonderful cast of characters, engaging dialogue and a feel good atmosphere, this is one of the best book in this delightfully charming series and I can’t wait to see where we go next with this group of friends.

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