What is your name?
– –  Alison Kerby

How old are you?
– –  I’m older than 29.

What is your profession?
– –  Innkeeper. I run a guesthouse on the Jersey Shore. I also hold a private investigator license I try not to use.

Do you have a significant other?
– –  I am married for the second time. Found the right man this time.

What is his name?
– –  Josh Kaplan.

What is his profession?
– –  He owns a paint store and runs it with his grandfather Sy.

Any children?
– –  I have an amazing 13-year-old daughter named Melissa. Who is way smarter than I am.

Cats, dogs or other pets?
– –  Well, that depends on how you look at it. Melissa has a puppy she keeps in her room. His name is Lester. He’s a ghost.

What town do you live in?
– –  Harbor Haven, NJ.

Do you rent or own?
– –  I own, thank you. I bought the Victorian to turn into a guesthouse and it turned out to be haunted. So it’s a haunted guesthouse.

House or building complex?
– –  Great big drafty house.

What is your favorite spot in your house?
– –  I love the library but I’m proud of the whole place because I renovated it all when I moved in.

Who is your best friend?
– –  Jeannie Rogers. She’s the Ethel to my Lucy. Or maybe the other way around.

Amateur sleuth or professional?
– –  I have that license, so I guess that makes me professional. But I’m not all that good at it and I never get paid.

Whom do you work with when sleuthing?
– –  I work with Paul Harrison, a ghost who was a private investigator in life. He made me get the license and in return I get his participation and that of the other resident ghost Maxie Malone in “spook shows” that add ghost experience for my guests. They seem to like it for some reason.

Favorite meal?
– –  Dinner because Melissa has learned to cook. I don’t eat breakfast much and Liss is at school for lunch. She is a great cook. So dinner.

Favorite dessert?
– –  Does it have chocolate? That’s really all I need.

Favorite hobby?
– –  I run a seven-bedroom guesthouse with ghosts in it and sometimes investigate crimes. What’s this “hobby” you speak of?

Favorite vacation spot?
– –  I give people vacations. Can’t remember the last time I had one.

Favorite color?
– –  Clear.

Favorite author?
– –  E.J. Copperman. Those mysteries are a hoot.

Favorite sports team?
– –  I don’t do sports. I do like baseball but I don’t root for anybody in particular.

Movies or Broadway?
– –  Movies. Who has the money for Broadway? Besides, I have to be in the house for my guests.

Are you a morning or a night person?
– –  Yes.

In two to three sentences, what is a typical day in your life like?
– –  You know how when you were in your teens and twenties you thought you were the busiest person in the world and had all this responsibility and couldn’t find ten minutes to just be yourself? Like that, only more.

You can learn more about Alison and read her latest adventure in The Hostess With the Ghostess, the ninth book in the “Haunted Guesthouse” mystery series.

Things are never quiet for long at the Haunted Guesthouse. Right as Alison Kerby finally gets some peace, long-time deceased Paul Harrison’s recently murdered brother, Richard, shows up looking for the ghostly detective. But Paul has left for parts unknown months ago. The only thing is, she doesn’t know how to find him. And she’s going to need to because Richard’s isn’t the only murder still left unsolved.

As she searches for Paul, Alison discovers that Richard, who was a lawyer, was working a case about a woman accused of murdering her stepfather. It quickly becomes clear that Richard was getting too close to the truth, and was forcibly kept quiet. Now as Alison continues her investigation, she gets a creeping sensation that the murderer doesn’t appreciate her snooping around. And if she doesn’t stop, she’ll be next in The Hostess with the Ghostess, the witty and delightful follow-up to national bestselling author E. J. Copperman’s Spouse on Haunted Hill.

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About the author
E. J. Copperman is the author of a number of mystery series, including the Mysterious Detective series (Edited Out), the Haunted Guesthouse series (Spouse on Haunted Hill) and with Jeff Cohen, the Asperger’s mystery series (The Question of the Felonious Friend). E. J.’s newest, the Agent to the Paws mystery series, began this year. It is exhausting for E. J. just to think about it.

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