I love my job. I love it! I mean, what other job allows you to be on a surfboard, bobbing up and down on the waves, and looking back at the stunning Aloha Lagoon Resort?

Sure, I had to contend with kids, as teaching them to surf was what I was here to do, but I was cool with that. Kids were way easier to handle than my old boss at the accounting firm I used to work for. And in my lunch break, I get to hang out on the aqua blue Hawaiian water, enjoying the sun beating down on my now golden skin.

I’d moved to Aloha Lagoon a few months ago, and to say my start here was uneventful would be a lie. It was quite the opposite in fact. I’ll never forget the day that I got knocked off my surf board by a dead body, and I still have the odd nightmare as my mind has a strange habit of recalling horrible events whenever I close my eyes and go to sleep. But I’m not going to dwell on that. Today was just too beautiful of a day to think of unpleasantries.

Another advantage of my job was that the part of the beach that I teach from is right outside The Lava Pot tiki bar. Why is that an advantage? Well, because my boyfriend Casey works there, and when the resort bosses aren’t looking we get to enjoy a quick secret kiss.

I smiled as the swell of the wave lifted me, and I got a glimpse of him as he cleared glasses from an outside table. Not only is Casey a tall bundle of gorgeousness, he’s also The Lava Pot’s head barman, and tonight they were hosting the trivia night that mum and I were signed up to compete in. The trivia night was raising money for the local dog rescue center, and I love dogs, so when mum asked me to join her I immediately said yes.

I should admit that trivia is not really my strong point, and to be honest I should be spending my lunch break studying instead of sitting here enjoying the view. But as Casey turned to look out to the ocean, he saw me and waved. My stomach gave a small flip that only a new love can give you, and I sighed, happily waving back to him, content with my choice of lunchtime activities.

Unfortunately one of Aloha Lagoons local retired residents, Martin, was sitting under one of the beach umbrella relaxing in the mid afternoon sun, and he must have seen me wave. He obviously thought I was beckoning him, as he stood and moved to the water’s edge and frantically waved back at me. Now don’t get me wrong, Martin is an alright guy, and anyone that puts up with his wife Lori flirting with Casey the way that she does, must be part saint. If she wasn’t in her fifties I probably wouldn’t like her behaviour. Oh, who was I kidding? Lori looked very good for her age and I didn’t like her behaviour one little bit. I sighed and gestured to Martin that all was okay and he should go back to his sun lounger. He looked confused with my hand signals and threw his arms in the air with frustration. He wasn’t the most even-tempered person I had ever met, and I didn’t want to get him off side, so I flipped onto my stomach and caught a wave to shore, determined to stay in my happy place.

All of the troubles of the past few months were behind me, and life in Aloha Lagoon was now perfect. I had the perfect job, the perfect life and the perfect boyfriend. Nothing could upset that. Not Martin or even the fact that tonight I was going to be sitting at a table in front of a few hundred people, answering questions that I hadn’t studied for. But what could go wrong? And it’s not like my future was going to depend on it.

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