Want to know more about Lucky? Check out her answers to my questions.

What is your name?
– –  Lucky O’Toole. I know where the Lucky comes from, but the O’Toole? Not so much. There are certain things one doesn’t ask a mother if she was a former prostitute and ran her own whorehouse in Pahrump. All things being equal, I’d rather not know.

How old are you?
– –  Early thirties, but, on any given day, I can act a bit childish or sound like my mother, which is horrifying.

What is your profession?
– –  Vice President of Customer Relations for the Babylon, Las Vegas’ most over the top Strip resort. All that is a fancy way of saying I clean up other people’s problems.

Do you have a significant other?
– –  It’s complicated. Right now I have a fiancé, which makes this commitment-phobe hyperventilate.

What is his name?
– –  Jean-Charles Bouclet.

What is his profession?
– –  Very fancy chef.

Any children?
– –  Jean-Charles has one, a five-year-old son, Christophe and a teenage niece in residence. Me? I’m still clawing my way out of my own childhood—kicking and screaming. Having children would be adding to my peer group—not exactly the best parental recipe.

Cats, dogs or other pets?
– –  A bird, Newton. With a foul mouth, he is often amusing, and more often annoying, but always makes me laugh—no matter how much trouble that causes me.

What town do you live in?
– –  Las Vegas.

Do you rent or own?
– –  That too is complicated. My condo was gutted by a fire recently. When I’m feeling all suburban, I go stay with Jean-Charles in his fancy-neighborhood house in Summerlin. When I’m feeling like the me I used to be, I stay in my owner’s suite at a new hotel I spend, Cielo. Most of the time, I’m caught in the middle. A perfect metaphor for my life.

House or building complex?
– –  Sometime house, sometime hotel.

What is your favorite spot in your house?
– –  The bathtub—it’s a religious experience.

Who is your best friend?
– –  Well, it used to be Teddie, Vegas’s foremost female impersonator. Very straight, and very hot, he convinced me to take our friendship to the next level. While the sex was smokin’, the relationship imploded. Teddie’s back and wants to start fresh. One broken heart is about all I can survive. But. . .

Amateur sleuth or professional?
– –  Amateur sleuth—I help out my buddy Detective Romeo with the local constabulary. I’m a professional wiseacre. Does the count?

Who do you work with when sleuthing?
– –  Anybody who’s willing to put up with me. The list is short but it includes my right-hand man, Miss P and her husband, the much younger Beautiful Jeremey Whitlock—he’s a local PI and comes in handy.

Favorite meal?
– –  In-N-Out, but don’t tell Jean-Charles. . .chefs get all upset by that kind of admission.

Favorite dessert?
– –  Not really a dessert kind of gal—I’m more the fat and salt kind.

Favorite hobby?
– –  Hobby? What’s that? Vegas runs 24/7 and so do I. A problem, but I’m working on it.

Favorite vacation spot?
– –  Home.

Favorite color?
– –  Red. It doesn’t need an introduction, does it? Just in your face, take me as I am. I love that.

Favorite author?
– –  Don’t get much time to read, but when it comes to music, I love Luis Miguel.

Favorite sports team?
– –  Now that Vegas has been anointed as worthy by the NFL, our football team vaults to the top of my list.

Movies or Broadway?
– –  Broadway—when I’m in the audience, I’m anonymous and no one can find me. The stories capture me and for a brief time, I’m transported. I used to watch movies with Teddie—he’d pick the show and I’d bring the popcorn, which was pushing my culinary skills. But, when he left, he’d taken movie night with him.

Are you a morning or a night person?
– –  Yes. It’s not like I have a choice. Vegas never stops.

In two to three sentences, what is a typical day in your life like?
– –  Barely any sleep, grab food when I can, running from one crisis to another is my exercise. To escape, I grab a borrowed Ferrari from the dealership in the hotel and drive around Vegas looking at the lights, watching the people having fun. Or I drink too much—generally Wild Turkey 101 or Champagne. That is also becoming a problem. I’m working on it as well, but the Lucky O’Toole Self Betterment Program has gotten off to a lackluster start. So now it’s mostly work and chasing a bad guy or two. And trying to sort out my love life. While I’m really good at my job, I’m not so good at life.

You can learn more about Lucky in Lucky Score, the ninth book in the “Lucky O’Toole Vegas Adventure” series, coming February 7, 2018. The first book in the series is Wanna Get Lucky?.

If Lucky O’Toole, chief problem solver for the Babylon, Vegas’ primo Strip property, knows one thing—where money goes, trouble follows.

So, when the NFL announces it’s moving a team to Vegas, Lucky is left on the fence until the trouble she feared lands in her lap.

Nolan Ponder, one of the key players in the negotiations to get the NFL to Sin City, staggers into the Babylon covered in blood and holding a knife.

With the mountains of money and careers on the line, Lucky figured someone would try to kill the deal.

But murder?

Chasing down a murderer is the last thing she needs.

Teddie, her former live-in lover is exploiting every angle to get back into her heart.

Jean-Charles, her fiancé, is planning a trip to France to introduce Lucky to his family.

Mona, her mother, still hasn’t named her twins.

Lucky’s life is quickly becoming a game of murder and mayhem.

She just hopes this game won’t go into overtime.

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Deborah Coonts swears she was switched at birth. Coming from a family of homebodies, she is happiest with a passport, a credit card, her computer, and changing scenery. She flies airplanes, rides motorcycles, travels the world, and pretends to be more of a badass than she is. Deborah is the author of the Lucky O’Toole Vegas Adventure series, a romantic mystery romp through Sin City. Wanna Get Lucky?, the first in the series, was a New York Times Notable Crime Novel and a double RITA ™ Award Finalist. She is also the author of a thriller, After Me, an iBooks Best Of and a Nook First choice and the high-flying romantic suspense Sam Donavan Series. Although rarely there, Deborah calls Houston home. You can always track her down at www.deborahcoonts.com.

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