Hi! My name is Bee (Bryan) Maxwell, and I own Dreamweaver Designs, a designer dress shop down the boardwalk from Mystical Musings, and the owner, Cass Donovan, is one of my dearest friends.

My typical day doesn’t start until sometime around noon. That is, if Cass doesn’t wake me up earlier, for some reason, which has been happening all too often lately. But I can’t work on my designs during the day, too many distractions, so I often work until the wee hours of the morning, then have a bite to eat and go to bed as the sun is rising.

Anyway, I usually get up around noon, then head to the diner or the deli for breakfast and a good dose of my favorite pastime, gossip. I often stop in to visit with Cass and my other best friend, Stephanie, for a while afterward to share any good dirt I unearthed during my morning rounds.

Unless Stephanie’s husband, Tank, is around. Him, I try to avoid at all costs. Let’s just say, he and I don’t see the world the same way. He’s a big, tough detective, and I’m. . .well. . .not.

After a visit with my girls, I head in to the shop to work. I have a huge fashion show every year, and I’m expecting a number of buyers from New York City to attend the next one. Business has begun to pick up lately, especially with the introduction of my new beach wedding and lingerie line. You just have to see it. It’s fabulous, if I do say so myself.

And, boy, did I find the perfect painting to compliment my line. At least, it will be perfect once Leighton, the artist who opened the new art gallery on the boardwalk, paints it. I can’t wait to hang it on the wall with my designs. The colors I’ve chosen will complement the gowns perfectly.

Anyway, while I’m waiting for that, I let Cass connive me into helping her with her group readings. Don’t even get me started on that. Cass knows full well I don’t do. . .otherworldly things. I do not believe in ghosts or any of that hocus pocus Cass is involved in, but she’s such a close friend, I don’t have the heart to say no.

So far, she’s talked me into rigging a haunted house for a séance—which left me bouncing down a flight of stairs behind her terror of a dog, Beast, whom I adore. Tying to help her contact a departed spirit through a Ouija Board—I still get a chill every time I even think about that fiasco. And set up numerous group readings—where she supposedly contacts the dearly departed.

So, when she comes to me and asks me to help her break in to a building in the middle of the night to contact a wayward spirit, what else would I do but say yes? But this is the last time!

You can read more about Bee in Clairvoyant and Present Danger, the third book in the “Bay Island Psychic” mystery series, coming February 6, 2018. The first book in the series is Death at First Sight.

A haunting vision reveals a ghostly grave in the latest Bay Island Psychic Mystery from the author of Occult and Battery.

Whoever said that dead men tell no tales has never met Cass Donnovan. . .

Cass has always relied on her abilities to guide her, but after communications with a ghost land her in the middle of a murder investigation, she has to wonder if her gifts are really more a curse.

Cass knows she is meant to help track down the killer–much to the chagrin of local law enforcement–when the apparition leads her to a dead body on the beach near her psychic shop, Mystical Musings. But the police are not the only ones who wish Cass would stick to reading palms. Someone is trying to scare her off, and it will take all her powers of premonition to catch the killer before Cass herself becomes the next victim. . .

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About the author
Lena Gregory is the author of the Bay Island Psychic Mystery series, Death at First Sight, Occult and Battery, and Clairvoyant and Present Danger, which take place on a small island between the north and south forks of Long Island, New York, and the All-Day Breakfast Café Mystery series, Scone Cold Killer, Murder Made to Order, and Cold Brew Killing, which are set on the outskirts of Florida’s Ocala National Forest.

Lena grew up in a small town on the south shore of eastern Long Island, where she still lives with her husband, three kids, and two dogs.

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