Want to know more about Death? Check out his answers to my questions.

What is your name?
– –  Death Bogart. (It’s pronounced “Deeth”.)

How old are you?
– –  Mid-30s.

What is your profession?
– –  I’m a private investigator and occasionally a surety recovery agent (bounty hunter).

Do you have a significant other?
– –  I do. I’m recently engaged, in fact.

What is her name?
– –  Wren Morgan.

What is her profession?
– –  Wren is an auctioneer with a small, family-owned auction company.

Any children?
– –  Not yet.

Cats, dogs or other pets?
– –  Yes, we have a scrappy old tomcat named Thomas and a dog named Lucy, both of whom turned up as strays.

What town do you live in?
– –  East Bledsoe Ferry, in Rives County, Missouri.

Do you rent or own?
– –  Own.

House or building complex?
– –  We just bought a house, in the country.

What is your favorite spot in your house?
– –  There’s an actual turret. You can see for miles.

Who is your best friend?
– –  My kid brother, Randy.

Amateur sleuth or professional?
– –  Professional.

Who do you work with when sleuthing?
– –  Officially, no one, but Wren gets tangled up in my cases a lot and so does Randy.

Favorite meal?
– –  Lasagna and garlic bread.

Favorite dessert?
– –  Pecan pie.

Favorite hobby?
– –  Reading.

Favorite vacation spot?
– –  I haven’t taken a vacation in so long, I don’t even know. I liked Hawaii when I was stationed there. And I’d like to visit England some day.

Favorite color?
– –  Dark Blue.

Favorite author?
– –  Sir Terry Pratchett.

Favorite sports team?
– –  Are you trying to get me in trouble? I’m caught, actually, between Randy’s St. Louis Cardinals and Wren’s Kansas City Royals. I like both.

Movies or Broadway?
– –  Movies.

Are you a morning or a night person?
– –  Early bird, thanks to the USMC.

In two to three sentences, what is a typical day in your life like?
– –  I normally spend the day chasing whatever cases I’m working on (typically missing persons, industrial espionage, insurance fraud, etc.) I try to catch up with Wren and/or Randy for lunch. At the end of the day I go home to my bride-to-be and count my blessings.

You can learn more about Death in Death and the Viking’s Daughter, the fourth book in the “Auction Block” mystery series. The first book in the series is Death & the Redheaded Woman.

Next on Wren and Death’s Appraisal List:
Item #1: An Old Family Feud.
Item #2: A Missing Woman.
Item #3: A Body in the Rosebushes of their Dream House

Auctioneer Wren Morgan and her private eye fiancé Death (pronounced “Deeth”) Bogart are ready to meet each other’s parents and settle down together. But their sleuthing days are far from over. While Death and Wren are helping prepare auction items at an old supper club, a Viking reenactor nearly dies at the historical settlement next door. The cause? Seeing the ghost of his daughter, who went missing twenty years ago.

As Wren looks into what happened to the Viking’s daughter, Death is hired to investigate the theft of historical items that have high sentimental value. When their respective investigations turn out to be connected, the couple gets caught in a deadly conflict.

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About the author
Loretta Ross is a writer and historian who lives and works in rural Missouri. She is an alumna of Cottey College and holds a BA in archaeology from the University of Missouri – Columbia. She has loved mysteries since she first learned to read. Death and the Viking’s Daughter is her fourth published novel.

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