Maya Corrigan, author of the “Five -Ingredient” mystery series

It’s a lot of fun to write a blog post from a character’s point of view.

Sally Goldenbaum, author of “Seaside Knitters” mystery series

. . . having places to go where I feel at home–like Dru’s Musings– is quite a wonderful help.

Carolyn Haines, author of “Sarah Booth Delaney” mystery series

. . .the world of blogging is a happening place and Dru’s blog is a hot spot!

Alyssa Maxwell, author of “The Gilded Newport” mystery series

You know I love to participate on your blog, it’s always such a pleasure.

Jo-Ann Reccoppa, author of the “Jersey Girl” mystery series

I just wanted to thank you for the delightful experience of guest blogging on your website. I’ve never done anything like that before. You’re doing a beautiful job keeping literacy alive and well, in case you haven’t been told this before.

Nancy Cole Silverman, author of the “Carol Childs” mystery series

You do writers such a service with your Musings. I’m happy to be one of the lucky ones you’ve chosen to work with.

Lea Wait, author of the “Mainely Needlepoint” mystery series

Thanks so much for welcoming me back! I love your blog.

Linda H. , blog reader

“Love your site! First one I go to each day.”

Robin C. , blog reader

“I enjoy your blog so very much and is one of the first blogs I check out each day. You have a way of presenting information about books that provides an insight as to what the book is about.”